Exhibition “The Lost Paradise”

Exhibition “The Lost Paradise”

The exhibition of paintings “The Lost Paradise” by Paul Richard Landauer will be opened on Tuesday, September 2, starting at 7 p.m. in “Stab” gallery in Galerija.

Austrian artist Paul Richard Landauer will present his work to the Belgrade audience, deftly placing them in a common context. Each Landauer’s canvas is independent, but together they form a compatible entirety. Using bright colors, the artist attracts the observer, introduces him to the painting and invites him to contemplate. This visual artist deliberately chooses large-format canvases whose space is challenging for the development of visual expression. Consistent with his recognizable abstract visual language, the artist strives to show the continuous transformation of his visual existence.

Landauer begun his artistic career while studying art history, psychology, and communication. His broad theoretical background has spurred research into a wide range of visual expressions: after starting painting, he went on to direct, photograph, work as a creative director and artistic director for brand visual communication. Today, Landauer is refocusing on painting.

The exhibition “The Lost Paradise” will be open until September 12.

Event date

2. September 2021. 19:00:00 - 12. September 2021.


Galerija Belgrade, Bulevar Vudro Vilsona, Belgrade, Serbia.

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