An exhibition of sculptures that connects three generations of sculptors

An exhibition of sculptures “THE FLOW” will be opened on Tuesday, July 20, at 19:00 in gallery ŠTAB and gallery of the art initiative BW KvArt in Galerija Belgrade.
At this collective exhibition, the audience will have the opportunity to see sculptures, objects, and hitherto unexposed works on paper and wood by our famous sculptor and theorist, Kosta Bogdanović. Kosta’s friend, colleague, and associate Marko Vukša, professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts, together with his students Kristina Ivić, Pavle Radović, and Mihailo Kovačavić will also present their works.
The exhibition “THE FLOW” will be open until August 7, 2021. The working hours of the gallery are every day from 11 am to 9 pm. Admission is free.

About the exhibition:

With the exhibition “THE FLOW” we want to emphasize the universality and duration of an artistic idea that was visually completed in the works of five sculptors, members of three different generations: Kosta Bogdanović, Marko Vukša, Kristina Ivić, Pavle Radović, and Mihailo Kovačević. The flow of this idea can be followed almost in a straight line, from Kosta Bogdanović, a member of the oldest generation, in whose work the idea found its fruitful genesis through intuitive recognition and creative translation of archetypal patterns into the field of sculpture, to Marko Vukša, Kosta’s friend and associate, who in his aesthetic expression, in a modern and original way, preserves memories of the poetics and subtlety of Bogdanović’s idea and finally in the works of young sculptors, Marko’s students, Kristina, Pavle, and Mihailo, in which its life continues.

Event date

20. July 2021. 19:00:00 - 7. August 2021. 21:00:00


Galerija Belgrade, Bulevar Vudro Vilsona, Belgrade, Serbia.

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