Nick Cave on June 18 at Belgrade River Fest

Nick Cave on June 18 at Belgrade River Fest

The legendary Nick Cave’s never more emotional, never more special concert will be held on June 18 in Belgrade. At the Belgrade River Fest, the famous musician performs his “Solo Show” concert for the first time in Europe! Nick Cave, the timeless rock icon, will perform the concert accompanied only by the piano supported by musician Colin Greenwood, the bassist of Radiohead. The Belgrade River Fest audience will have the opportunity to have an extraordinary musical experience in which Cave’s already intriguing and interesting songs take on a new dimension.

The concert will be held on the plateau of the Geozavod in Belgrade Waterfront, in a specially designed environment and with top production that is synonymous with Belgrade River Fest, and which will fully support artist’s vision of an intimate atmosphere that should accompany his performance.

Nick Cave is synonymous with excellence: with his extraordinary voice, emotional lyrics and unforgettable performances, he takes the audience on a journey through different emotions, from sadness to joy, from melancholy to extasy. This concert will be special, because Nick Cave’s music is experienced in a completely new way, closer and more intimate than ever before.

Attendees will have the privilege of hearing live hits such as “Into My Arms”, “Red Right Hand”, “The Ship Song” and many other songs from his rich discography, but also to feel the spiritual power and emotional depth that each tone of Nick Cave’s music brings.

Tickets for Nick Cave’s concert at Belgrade River Fest, as part of the “Solo Show” world tour, are available online at and at all Efinity sales points.

Event date

18. June 2024. 21:00:00 - 18. June 2024. 23:00:00


ГеоЗавод, Geozavod(Beogradska Zadruga), Травничка, Београд, Србија.

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