The most spectacular New Year’s Eve this year in Belgrade Waterfront again

The most spectacular New Year’s Eve this year in Belgrade Waterfront again

The most spectacular New Year’s Eve in Serbia will once again be organized in Belgrade Waterfront. A sensational light and music performance will be staged from Kula Belgrade, along with impressive fireworks from the highest building in the region.

With last year’s celebration in Belgrade Waterfront, our capital find itself on the list of the world cities with the best New Year’s parties, and this prestigious status will be confirmed with another more magnificent event that will culminate at midnight on the last December night. The play of powerful lasers and eight-minute fireworks, accompanied by music specially composed for this occasion, will represent the most beautiful scenography to enter the year 2023, while the reflection of the lights on the Sava River will complete the festive magic.

„With this year’s celebration, Belgrade Waterfront will once again confirm its status as a destination that brings the Belgrade audience unforgettable holiday moments and the most attractive events, similar to those in the most famous cities around the world. The show of major local music stars and the unique light performance at Kula Belgrade guarantee a New Year’s spectacle that can be experienced in metropolises such as New York, Dubai, Sydney or Bangkok“, said Zorana Burlić, General Manager of Belgrade Waterfront.

Visitors will sail into 2023 with the music of the most popular domestic singers – Zeljko Joksimovic, Jelena Tomasevic and Marko Louis. The best party in the city will start at 8.30 PM on December 31, on the plateau next to the Old Sava Bridge, on the Sava Promenada, and the entrance is free.

Last year, several tens of thousands of visitors has welcomed midnight on the Sava Promenada, near Kula Belgrade. The regional and international media pointed out that the imposing fireworks from Kula Belgrade, worthy of the one from the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, left breathless all those who watched it live from Sava Promenada, New Belgrade, Belgrade bridges and other parts of the city.

Step into the New Year in style, under the lights of Kula Belgrade, the new symbol of our capital, and be part of one of the most exclusive New Year’s parties in the world!

Event date

31. December 2022. 20:30:00 - 1. January 2023.


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