Exhibition “What if I die with this song inside”

Exhibition “What if I die with this song inside”

The exhibition What if I Die with this song inside by the artist Marko Reeboskic will be opened on Sunday, August 13, at 8 PM in the KvArt BW exhibition space, on the second floor at Galerija.

The new exhibition will feature works of art made in the batik technique, which is done on fabric using wax. During his stay in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the artist learned about this exotic technique. Applying an ancient technique in a modern form, Reeboskic opens up questions about the individual’s relationship to old traditions in the present moment.

Marko Reeboskic was born in 1994. He completed his master’s studies at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Belgrade, where he graduated from the Department of Interior Architecture. Aside from his master’s degree, Marko completed a course of study at the Vietnam National University in Hanoi in the Department of Interior Design. After completing his studies, he enrolled in a one-year art course at the Indonesian Institute of Art in Yogyakarta, where he began research through traditional methods of expression, with a focus on painting and sculpture.

The exhibition What if I Die with this song inside is organized by Galerija ŠTAB and the art initiative KvArt BW. The exhibition will be open until August 26th, 2023, and KvArt BW gallery is open daily from 11 AM to 7 PM. The entrance to the exhibition is free.

Event date

13. August 2023. 11:00:00 - 26. August 2023. 19:00:00


Bulevar Vudroa Vilsona, Bulevar Vudroa Vilsona, Београд, Србија.

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