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    Exhibition “Lo stivale” (Boot) in BW Experience

    The exhibition “Lo stivale” (“the Boot”) by Sicilian photographer Fabio Sgroi was presented in the exhibition space BW Experience under KVART Belgrade Waterfront initiative, within the 7th Festival of photography Visualizer.

    Through a series of black and white documentary photographs of a strong artistic seal, Sgroi brings the traditional spirit of Italy to Belgrade and its culture, expressed through landscapes, cities, people, sea, festivities – from the north to the south of the Apennine Peninsula. The selected photographs reflect Sgroi’s view that the country should be traveled far and wide in a person’s own shoes, gathering the fruits of that country, but at the same time weave into it our own impressions, doubts and our own character.

    The exhibition “Lo stivale” was organized in honor of the 100 years of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Italy, through the Visualizer Festival of Photography, which was held in several locations in Belgrade. The festival hosted prominent and award-winning photographers from several countries – Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, France, Macedonia, the United States, Hungary, as well as local photographers, whose works have been judged as exceptional examples of photographic narration, aesthetics and professionalism.