Knowledge of foreign languages is one of the key advantages in the labor market today, so it is no surprising that the popularity of schools where teaching takes place in two languages increases. Previous experience in bilingual classes in Belgrade and several other cities has shown that this type of lectures encourages creativity, openness to other cultures and opens many doors for further education. Therefore, it is great news that Belgrade will soon get a new school with bilingual classes.

A state-of-the art public school with sports fields will be build behind the buildings of the former Main Railway Station and Old Post Office on Sava Square, within Belgrade Waterfront. Next to it, there will be a kindergarten, so this part of the city will become even more attractive for families, offering excellent conditions for education and quality organized leisure time.

The language you learn in, is the language you think in

A foreign language is easier to learn and acquire if the child begins to think in that language, and the thoughts are formed by using the language for learning and knowledge. Pupils in the new school will attend the part of subjects in a foreign language from an early age, as per the official plan and program of the Republic of Serbia. Bilingual classes gives students a chance to systematically build their vocabulary and acquire language skills through science, literature and culture. Through the most contemporary teaching program, students acquire the necessary skills from the very beginning of their education, which later make it easier for them to enroll in similar specialised high schools and be ready to take internationally recognized exams, that are prerequisite for scholarships and studying abroad.

The most modern facilities for learning and recreation

The school will be able to accomodate more than 400 students on an area of almost 5,000 square metres. The facilities that will make children look forward to every school day, will be situated in the spacious courtyard, which together with the building occupies almost 10 ares. In addition to the field for handball, basketball and volleyball, there will be a green space suitable for events, competitions and everyday socializing. An open air classroom will be located in the part of the courtyard next to the library and the ehibition area. The bike storage is intended for all students and teachers who opt for this enviromentally responsible and healthy vehicle.

New museums a few minutes from the school

The new school will open in a part of the city that is becoming very attractive for young families with children, as they will have numerous facilities necessary for the little ones’ education and entertainment within easy reach. After reconsturction, the Historical Museum of Serbia will be housed in the building of the former Main Railway Station, and an important institution in the Old Post Office: children’s centre. Two main lines of the future metro will also intersect at the attractive location, so this area will be very well connected to all parts of the city.

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