Deadline for applications for the art competition “Become the Part of kvART” extended

Deadline for applications for the art competition “Become the Part of kvART” extended

The deadline for applying for the biggest art competition in the region, “Become Part of kvART”, has been extended by two weeks, so all those interested can send their ideas until July 8th, at 3 pm. 21 works of art and contemporary urban furniture will be selected and placed in outdoor and indoor spaces of Belgrade Waterfront. The best three works will be awarded with EUR 30,000, EUR 20,000 and EUR 10,000, while the most creative solution in the category of contemporary urban furniture will be awarded with EUR 10,000.

The extension of the application deadline was based on the proposal of numerous artists interested in translating their ideas into art works that will make Belgrade recognizable, and Belgrade Waterfront prominent as a space that integrates art with the most contemporary lifestyle. The professional art team took into account the initiative of artists who asked for additional time to create conceptual solutions, taking into account the complexity of the project, as well as the time required for ideas to be developed in accordance with the highest world standards.

„Become Part of kvART” is a unique opportunity for artists, regardless of their experience, to turn their ideas into recognizable landmarks of the city. Belgrade Waterfront will help with that, by financing the production, transport and installation of art works, artistic fees and professional consultations This project gives artists the opportunity to have their work seen, appreciated and rewarded. Selected works of art remain permanently with Belgrade and its citizens, and some of them may even become new symbols of the city. 

All those interested can get additional information about the competition at professional consultations, for which can be applied by e-mail [email protected] or by phone number 069 4411011.

Participants can submit graphic solutions in the form of sketches, 2D or 3D presentations of art installations, sculptures or urban contemporary furniture. An Advisory Board, composed of eminent local experts will select the shortlisted works. The solution will be implemented in the busiest locations within Belgrade Waterfront.

Participation in this competition also opens the possibility for artists to be noticed on the international cultural scene. Eagle Hills, a strategic partner in Belgrade Waterfront, is implementing large development projects in other countries too, such as the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Ethiopia and Bahrain. Cultural and artistic content is their inseparable part, and also the chance for jury, composed of Eagle Hills’ representatives, to offer artists the opportunity to exhibit if their works fit into the concept of these projects. You can find more info about the competition at website, and you can send your submission at [email protected].

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