Exhibition „Art Lover“ by Vuk Vučković

Exhibition „Art Lover“ by Vuk Vučković

An exhibition of abstract paintings „Art Lover“ by the famous local artist Vuk Vučković, is open in Štab Gallery, on the ground floor of Galerija Belgrade.

With this series, Vučković wanted to present the entire development of abstract art, adding a personal touch. The artworks are combination of various styles and techniques, such as action expressionism, informel, op art, street art, pop art and many more, yet undefined directions of contemporary art. The exhibition also presents large- format abstract paintings from the artist’s series „Cosmic Landscapes“, created during the previous year.

„The entire opus of abstract paintings is divided into two series – ’Cosmic Landscapes’ and ’Art Lover’. Together, they represent my attempt to visually present the state of consciousness at a given moment, with the intention of leaving the viewer free space to find meaning according to his own sensibility, without clear insinuation. For me, working on this series is a kind of exploration of different possibilities of using techniques and moves. I strive to provoke a strong visual impression“, said Vuk Vučković.

Galerija Belgrade is a destination that opens the door to art contained in each of its segments – from unique architecture, interior design, through the art of entertainment, shopping, gastronomy, to cultural events that take place in the biggest shopping mall in the region, on the Sava riverbank.

The exhibition by Vuk Vučković is part of cultural and artistic initiative BW Kvart, launched two years ago.

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