Grand Opening of Sava Square – the Biggest Square in Serbia

Grand Opening of Sava Square – the Biggest Square in Serbia

Reconstructed Sava Square, the biggest square in Serbia and a new public space within Belgrade Waterfront has been opened in presence of Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic and Chairman of Eagle Hills Mohamed Alabbar.

The centerpiece of Sava Square is the imposing monument dedicated to the founder of the Serbian State Stefan Nemanja, created by Russian artist Alexandr Rukavishnikov. The monument stands 23 meters tall and weighs more than 60 tons.

The careful renovation of Sava Square preserved all of the historical layers that give this part of the city its authenticity, while the square now has a completely new look and a pedestrian zone encompassing some 20,000 square metres. Some 300 trees have been planted making Sava Square, along with Sava Park and avenues in Belgrade Waterfront, one of the greenest parts of the capital.

The idea for the reconstruction of one of the most beautiful parts of the Belgrade Waterfront project is the brainchild of the Spanish architectural team “Fenwick Iribarren Architects”, who won the international competition. In line with the solution for the revitalization of this part of the capital, the central plateau in front of the former Railway station building has been transformed into a spacious, green, and modern public space, adapted for pedestrians and cyclists. Special attention was paid to preserving the historical significance of this part of Belgrade and Sava Square today represents a unique fusion of the capital’s old spirit and modern architectural solutions.

Following the square’s reconstruction, construction of contemporary residential complexes and the renovation of facades on old buildings in Savska street, this part of Belgrade Waterfront will become a modern, kempt, and attractive neighborhood, while Sava Square will become a favourite meeting point.

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