Kula Belgrade gets “crown”, to the observation deck on the 41st floor in 25 seconds

Kula Belgrade gets “crown”, to the observation deck on the 41st floor in 25 seconds

The works on the facade of the tallest building in Serbia and the region, which reflects the rivers and Belgrade cityline, have been completed by installing a specially designed „curtain wall“ on the top. Thus, Kula Belgrade get the „crown“ and its recognizable „twisted“ silhouette is completed, signed by the renowned international architecture company Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Global (SOM).

The story of this project, as well as the attention paid to every detail, is what differentiates Kula Belgrade from other buildings, and here are some interesting facts about how the new symbol of Belgrade and Serbia shifted architectural standards in this industry and brought exclusive content never seen before in this part of Europe.

First St. Regis branded residences in this part of Europe

After 26 of the most exclusive world destinations, Marriott International has recognized Belgrade and Belgrade Waterfront as the ideal address for the first European branded residences The Residences at The St. Regis. The fact that there are only six St. Regis hotels across Europe shows that the company selects only exceptional locations. Even major European cities such as Paris or Berlin cannot boast of this brand. The opening of The St. Regis Belgrade and The Residences at The St. Regis Belgrade is therefore a great recognition of our capital and Serbia.

Belgrade Waterfront is the first company to bring the concept of branded residences to the Serbian market. It is a property that includes all the benefits of the hotel brand whose name it bears. Branded residences’ owners have access to hotel services such as concierge, swimming pool, spa and sports facilities, as well as the famous St. Regis butler.

Birds first

The facade of Kula Belgrade is composed of almost 14,000 glass and other panels, and up to the 9th floor, specific birds first glass with lines visible only to birds, which help them not to „collide“ with the building, has been installed. Another specificity of facade glass is that it is spectrally selective, i.e., it transmits maximal light, and reduces energy loss. Four pull-out cranes weighing over 30 tons, will speed up the facade cleaning cycle to about 55 days.

Mystery of the 13th floor 

The first 11 floors in Kula Belgrade are planned for the hotel St. Regis Belgrade, the most luxurious brand from the portfolio of the famous hotel and residential chain Marriott International, while the first branded St. Regis residences in this part of Europe will be located from 14th to 39th floor. You have probably wondered what the 13th floor is for if no one can stay on it. This floor is intended for technical premises. Instead of the usual 13th floor, a double-height level is planned on the 12th floor, and this number doesn’t exist on the control panel of any of 15 lifts in the building. According to the research of the biggest lift manufacturer in New York, the 13th floor was left out of the control panel in the lift in almost 90% of the hotels. 

Curved glass and eight kilometres of LED lamps

Did you know that the complete façade system is specially designed and produced for this building, bearing in mind that Kula Belgrade is one of the few buildings in Europe which rotates for 90 degrees through only 10 floors? Due to the specific and complex geometry of the building, it wasn’t possible to apply some of the ready-made systems. This is especially emphasized in the “twisting” part of Kula, where the façade glass is curved. The rotated silhouette symbolically represents the nearby confluence of the Sava and the Danube, and gives the building the impression of fluidity. 

Kula Belgrade is also specific for the modern technology installed on the façade. Thanks to the media façade, important dates and occasions were celebrated at the beginning of the year from Kula with specially created contents. They will be marked in this way in the future as well. The length of the LED lamps the media façade is made of is more than 8 kilometres, and the lights are energy efficient and extremely long-lasting.

New city attraction

Apart from the residents and guests of the hotel, all citizens and tourists will be able to enjoy Kula Belgrade too. In just 25 seconds, you can reach the restaurant and observation deck on the 41st floor, which offers an unforgettable 360-degree view of the entire capital, its rivers and landmarks such as Belgrade Fortress, St. Sava Temple or Avala Tower is . And that is not all! The modernly designed plateau – Kula Plaza – at the foot of Kula Belgrade will be a new place for the city events and the most significant cultural and artistic events. One third of the plateau will be covered with the greenery, which will make a perfect place for rest, protected from the sun during the day and it will be illuminated during the night, creating a specific atmosphere. 

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