Luxury Brands in BW Gallery

Luxury Brands in BW Gallery

Zenith, Chivas, Cerruti, Siniscalchi i Rivolta are just a few luxurious brands that were showcased at „The Salon of Excellence“, the most prestigious South-Eastern conference dedicated to the industry of luxury high-end brands and the mastery of fine artcraft. „The Salon of Excellence“ was held in BW Gallery on the occasion of „Zenith 24 Hours of Elegance by Chivas“.

Visitors had the chance to see some of the most most prestigious brands in the unique ambiance of BW Gallery, and to talk to their creators, who met the wishes of the most demanding clients.

By hosting the masterpieces of contemporary Serbian artists – Uros Djuric, Marija Dragojlovic, Bojan Bem, Petar Mirkovic and Milorad Mica Stajcic – Belgrade Waterfront contibuted to the promotion of Serbian arts.

For the sixth time in Belgrade, “Zenith 24 Hours of Elegance by Chivas” offered an unforgettable experience to the visitors, as well as the possibility to share their passion towards classic cars, elegance, style and sophistication.


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