Mondo Arc About Belgrade Waterfront: Quality Never Seen Before in the Region

Mondo Arc About Belgrade Waterfront: Quality Never Seen Before in the Region

Prestigious international architecture magazine Mondo Arc states that Belgrade Waterfront has introduced a quality of facilities not seen before in the region. Experts claim that this site is a modern leader and exemplar in redevelopment due to innovative and sustainable design.

The magazine emphasizes the importance of lighting: „The exterior lighting framework was developed to reflect the progressive and people-focused nature of this project… At its core is a design intent that will deliver a public realm and streetscape that is both safe and secure for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists; as well as a general cityscape that is intimate, inviting and romantic to encourage the citizens of Belgrade to make full use both by day and by night.“

Mondo Arc states that the great attention has been payed to sustainability and energy efficiency, through the use of LED light sources. „Great attention has been given to the selection of luminaires and lighting effects to ensure that light pollution is kept to a minimum. Height of street lighting and side walk lighting has also been considered closely to ensure that light is only distributed and directed where it is needed.“

Reporting about Sava Promenada, the feature stresses the lighting scheme has been developed to create a pleasant and comfortable public realm. This was achieved by not simply lighting all areas uniformly to a set light level, but instead bringing some lighting elements down to a lower level, allowing contrast in public realm as well as integrating lighting into urban furniture and landscaping elements wherever appropriate.”

Sava Promenada was designed by architects of RTKL, landscape architects of SWA and experts from Buro Happold.


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