Novak Djokovic, Nikola Jokic i Kula Beograd thrilled the whole world

Novak Djokovic, Nikola Jokic i Kula Beograd thrilled the whole world

Magnificent scenes from the Kula Belgrade, the new symbol of the Serbian capital, in which the 168 metre-high Novak Djokovic lights up the whole Belgrade after he was officially crowned the best tennis player of all time by winning the 23rd Grand Slam, flooded the Internet and some of the most popular world profiles on social networks. The projection of Nole standing on the planet with the Musketeers’ Cup in his hands and the Serbian flag, which lit up the sky above Sava, was published, among others, by ESPN Tennis on its official Twitter account with almost half a million followers, the world-famous British Guardian and European Pressphoto Agency. Thanks to a large number of shares from both private and
media profiles of numerous influencers, Instagram Reels at @kula_belgrade, dedicated to the historic success of our tennis champion, reached more than a whopping million views, and the dizzying numbers continue to grow, as does the page’s follower count.

The excitement surrounding the Djokovic’s unprecedented success at Kula Belgrade hasn’t yet subsided, the new, it seemed even greater one, has already begun. Real Jokicmania gripped the whole country after the fantastic guy from Sombor led his Denver Nuggets to the first chapmionship NBA title, and when the Serbian national team member and MVP of the final series spun the basketball on his fingertip in the sky above the Sava, in another sensational animation, the whole planet spun along.

A clip of the animation in which, in addition to Jokic’s image and the inscription „MVP“, the new legendary sentence „Enyone up for a basket?“, was constantly played, was shared from the page @kula_belgrade by: NBA Europe and NBA official Instagram pages in collaboration, with more than 82 million followers, Denver Nuggets with almost 2.5 million followers, ESPN-a and Sports Center in collaboration with more than 60 million followers, Bleacher Report with more than 21 million followers, House of Highlights with more than 44 million followers, NBA official Facebook page with almost 48 million followers, while the video on Clutch Points’ official Twitter acount was seen by almost 2 million people. Thanks to all this, which is only a fraction of the video’s total visibility on the Internet, Reels on @kula_belgrade Instagram account also broke the magical figure of one million visits.

However, what is maybe even more valuable than reposting the clip, are the comments of fascinated followers and basketball fans, who expressed their admiration for the scenes on the Kula Belgrade, but also for its architectural beauty and grandeur. „This building is extraordinary“, „Belgrade looks beautiful“, „I will have to visit Serbia“, „Now I understand why Jokic wants to go home“, were just some of the impressions of social media users from all meridians, mesmerized by the splendor of the most modern development in Serbia.

The scenes of magical nights on Sava Promenada, in which we celebrated the anthological successes of our brilliant athletes, travelled the whole world, and the brillance of the Kula Belgrade was never stronger, nor did it cast this far. The stunning shots of the new symbol of our capital and country, are also the most beautiful scenes from Serbia that have aired in recent times, and they sent the message that not only Belgrade Waterfront, but also the entire Serbian public, are very proud of the best ones among us, who always represent us in the most beautiful light.

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