Olympic Gold Medallist Davor Stefanek Exercises with Visitors at Sava Promenada

Olympic Gold Medallist Davor Stefanek Exercises with Visitors at Sava Promenada

Last weekend, Sava Promenada was the centre of sporting events dedicated to youngsters. Wrestler Davor Stefanek, who brought us great joy by winning a gold medal at the Rio Olympics, spent some time with visitors.

Everyone had a chance to take a photo with the champion, get his autograph, participate in the public training session and find out the golden Serbian wrestler’s training tips. Stefanek showed visitors some wrestling basics, after which they all enjoyed taking part in collective exercises on the bank of the Sava river.

Several competitions were organised for schoolchildren, including tug of war, sack race, hand sprint, fast climbing and solving Belgrade Waterfront’s puzzle. Stefanek supported the little contestants, cheering for them and giving them advice on how to win.

„I am happy that I’ve been given the opportunity to introduce the basics of wrestling to school kids at Sava Promenada today. I hope that one day some of them will participate in some of the most prestigious competitions“, Davor Stefanek stated.

The Olympic champion noted that international athletes are ambassadors for their countries.

„I am glad to see that our cities, especially Belgrade, look more and more like world metropoles. I am surprised to see how the district along the Sava River has changed and how fast Belgrade Waterfront progresses. I wish there were more places in Serbia like Sava Promenada, where people can exercise outdoors, ride a bicycle or run, because through sport we can teach our children the real values,“ the famous athlete said.

Davor Stefanek is Serbia’s most successful Greco-Roman wrestler. He was a world champion in 2014, won bronze medal at the World Championship in 2015 and became Olympic champion at the recently held Olympics in Rio. The internationally renowned wrestler has also won four medals at European championships, and two at the Mediterranean Games. His victories, as well as participation in programmes where he demonstrates the basics of wrestling to children, greatly contribute to the affirmation of this sport among young people.


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