Tastes of Serbia at Sava Promenada

Tastes of Serbia at Sava Promenada

As summer is the perfect season for gatherings, the citizens of Belgrade and their guests met at the Sava Promenada on 23rd and 24th June to enjoy traditional Serbian specialties at the ‘Serbika’ food and beverage festival.

During the festival, Sava Promenada visitors had the opportunity to relax by the river while indulging in some of Serbia’s most delicious dishes.

With fantastic scenography that depicted Serbia’s regions, more than 70 exhibitors from all parts of the country presented the touristic and gastronomic potential of the areas they come from. Visitors were invited to experience the authentic flavours of Serbia, from southern barbeque and Leskovac to poppy seed strudel and fish soup from Vojvodina.

In addition to great food, visitors also appreciated a range of interesting events, such as a travel through the county’s gastronomic history with ‘Serbia through centuries’, Belgrade ‘street food’, numerous educational workshops, and an exciting entertainment programme.

This was the first edition of the festival, but from the huge number of visitors who flocked to the Sava Promenada, it looks set to become a beautiful gastronomic tradition.


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