The First Kindergarten Within Belgrade Waterfront Opens

The First Kindergarten Within Belgrade Waterfront Opens

Belgrade, 5 October, 2019 – The first kindergarten of the Belgrade Waterfront, “Futurino”, opens in the recently moved in residential building BW Vista. The kindergarten is a great asset for families with children who live in the new downtown area, and who will be able to make day-to-day obligations easier due to the immediate vicinity of the kindergarten. The first toddlers started attending “Futurino’’ in early September.

Belgrade Waterfront is constantly enriching its offer of facilities in order to provide residents and visitors with everything they need for a more comfortable and quality everyday life in one place. As part of the project on the Sava riverbank, cafes and restaurants of a unique concept have already been opened, as well as shops, florists, pharmacies and beauty salons. The latest convenience, which both residents and fellow citizens will be able to use, is the “Futurino’’ kindergarten.

“We want to offer residents more than quality homes. That is why we are creating a modern environment where everything they need for a fulfilled life is available just minutes from their doorstep,” said Nikola Nedeljkovic, General Manager of the Belgrade Waterfront. “We believe that opening kindergartens, first in BW Vista and then in other apartment buildings, will save residents a lot of time, time which they can spend in a quality manner with their loved ones,” added Nedeljkovic.

At “Futurino’’ kindergarten, each child learns according to their own interests and pushing the boundaries of their own possibilities. Kindergarten space is equipped with modern designed furniture, adapted to the needs of children and rich in various “Montessori” didactic materials that are designed to meet the needs of children of all ages. The soothing pastel tones create a comfortable atmosphere for playing and learning, making the space more cheerful and making the children’s stay more enjoyable. The thematic units dedicated to the game and various educational activities are carefully designed. The large terrace, which complements the attractive interior, is ideal for outdoor play.

In addition to the kindergarten, two primary schools will be opened within the Belgrade Waterfront in the coming period. Toddlers already enjoy several unique children’s playgrounds and fun, educational and sporting activities along the Sava Promenada. The new park, the size of four football fields and just a two-minute stroll from BW Vista and “Futurino” kindergarten, will offer additional play, social and recreational opportunities for the whole family.


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