We are exceptionally pleased to announce excellent news to all those who live and work in Belgrade Waterfront.

The most modern polyclinic, Tesla Medical, was finally opened in this neighborhood, and its backbone is a team of the most prominent doctors in the region. They will make sure that each patient is given maximum commitment, according to the principles that Tesla Medical nurtures.

The most modern world achievements in the field of medicine are waiting for you at Tesla Medical. Our laboratory has the most modern technical equipment for biochemical, hematological, microbiological, genetic, and pathohistological examinations. As the most modern clinic, Tesla Medical follows world trends, and thus as the first in this area, we bring innovations to our market. The application of multivitamin and nutritional infusion therapies makes everyday life easier. It helps the body recover faster from stressful everyday life, various diseases and conditions. and sleepless nights after a hangover.

Another of the services available to you at Tesla Medical is the treatment of COVID patients and Post Covid examinations performed in the period after the illness so the body can recover as soon as possible and regain the damaged energy. In addition to the listed services, in Tesla Medical, you can also get services in cardiology, endocrinology, pulmonology, vascular surgery, neurology, hematology, dermatology, urology, rheumatology, and nephrology. Also, Tesla Medical offers home treatment and patronage services.

What will especially please those who work in Belgrade Waterfront, is that we have prepared a 20% discount on all services to employees in the settlement and a 30% discount to all employees in BW management.

Welcome, you are safe with us.



Monday to Saturday 08AM to 10PM
Sunday 10AM to 6PM


+381 66 800 7770


13, Hercegovačka, Beograd, Serbia.




BW Magnolia, Hercegovačka 13a, Belgrade, Serbia

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