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    Start-up of Reconstruction Work in Hercegovacka Street

    Start-up of reconstruction work in Hercegovacka street

    • Hercegovacka street will be reconstructed in the part from „BW Gallery“ to Sava promenade
    • Part of bicycle trail in longitude of 300m from Branko bridge to Old Sava bridge
    • Citizens of Belgrade will gain new oasis at the Sava river bank

    Belgrade, Serbia, 09. July 2015: Hercegovacka street in Belgrade will be renovated and furnished providing easier and nicer approach for all citizens of Belgrade to this part of Sava promenade. Public work, which are part of realisation of Belgrade Waterfront project, has started on 5th of July and should be finished till 10th of September.

    In the aerie form „BW Gallery“ to Sava river promenade, asphalt will be replaced, repaired existing damages, arrangement of green areas will be done along with new street light, urban mobiliar, and new roadsides and sidewalks for unhindered movement of pedestrians.

    After completion of all planed work at Sava promenade, all Belgrade cyclists will have renovated and more beautiful bicycle trail, which will be renovated in total longitude of 300 meters, in aerie from Branko` s bridge to Old Sava bridge. While the work is in progress, at the bicycle path will be placed signposts which will direct cyclists to alternative path which is in coordination with all existing traffic rules.

    Public work on this part of bicycle trail and at first part of Sava promenade will be realised in same time line, parallel with reconstruction work in Hercegovacka street.

    Thanks to renovation of this part of town, citizens of Belgrade will gain new oasis at the Sava river bank. First part of Sava esplanade, so called Sava Promenade, will be completely furnished and citizens of Belgrade will be able to enjoy their free time, practise sport, and kids will have several amusing amenities.

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