5 things that can increase the value of your apartment

5 things that can increase the value of your apartment

As in the world of fashion, trends in the real estate market change cyclically. In Western countries, apartments in urban neighborhoods are popular again, where most things are at your fingertips – from kindergartens and schools to places for recreations and going out. Environmentally conscious millennials, who don’t want to spend a majority of the day in a car, contributed the most to it, but also members of the older generations are increasingly realizing the advantages of having all the amenities that modern life entails in one place. In recent years, interest in this type of settlement has been growing everywhere, so it is not surprising that there is a huge demand for real estate within the Belgrade Waterfront, which brought this lifestyle concept to Serbia.

Read below which 5 key things you should keep in mind when purchasing an apartment and how they affect the value of the property:

1. Exclusive location

Any real estate professional will tell you that location is everything and it is no exaggeration. It is the most important factor that not only affects the quality of life, but should also be a priority from the investment point of view. In this regard, Belgrade Waterfront represents the most beautiful and prestigious location in the city, on the very bank of the river. Residents can reach numerous cafes, restaurants, art exhibitions, festivals or visit the premium shopping destination Galerija, in just a few minutes of easy walking. Recent concerts of the world-renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli and fado diva Mariza, who performed exactly here, confirmed the exclusivity of the location. The new beating heart of city life, Sava Promenada, is ideal for leisure and recreation. The vicinity of kindergartens and maintained playgrounds is a great relief for families with children, and the fact that Kula Belgrade, with an enchanting view of the city from the observation deck at the top, is in the neighborhood, delights both children and adults alike.

2. Comfort and safety

The receptionist at the entrance to the residential building instills a sense of security, comfort and inviolability of the living space. Not many buildings in Serbia can boast of this, and in Belgrade Waterfront each building has a security and a reception desk with a wide range of services. Another thing that provides a feeling of comfort to the residents are inner courtyards – small oases of peace where the residents can read their favorite book or work on their laptop in peace.

3. Vicinity of the shopping mall

Although often reduced to shopping, malls are much more than that. These are venues for all-day entertainment for the whole family and that’s why premium properties in their vicinity are always in high demand. Galerija, as the largest shopping mall in this part of Europe, offers you the opportunity to spend an exciting day exploring the contents with your loved ones, and then enjoy a fantastic dinner in one of the restaurants on the Sava riverfront, letting your thoughts to wander in the sunset. Galerija can also boast of the only IMAX cinema in the region, which is the right destination for all movie lovers. Proximity to premium amenities provides Belgrade Waterfront residents with undisputed access to the most beautiful attractions that Belgrade has to offer.

4. Premium amenities

You’d head to the gym or the swimming pool after work, but you don’t feel like getting in the car, especially because you are not sure if you will find parking in front of the building when you get back. This is a frequent doubt of Belgrade fellow citizens, which looks completely different if you live in Belgrade Waterfront. Then the only dilemma is whether to have a quick drink in cafe, a dinner with friends in a restaurant or first one and then the other. In any case, the car is superfluous, because these amenities are located in the buildings, and the car is safely parked in the underground garage. These features significantly affect the quality of life, giving residents the opportunity to relax after a busy day without starting the car, and they increase the value of the apartment. Some buildings even have a pet station, a room where you can clean your pets after returning from a walk.

5. Parks and greenery

Numerous surveys have confirmed that living near greenery improves mental health and protects against pollution, and that people who live in the vicinity of parks are happier and healthier than fellow citizens who do not have daily contact with nature. Parks are ideal places for rest and recreation, and apartments in their neighborhood are a real small fortune on the real estate market, which can only increase in price over time. An apartment in Belgrade Waterfront is a great chance to replace your stay on the asphalt with everyday activities in a park oasis the size of four football fields. It is the Sava Park, and numerous buildings of Belgrade Waterfront are in its cozy embrace. Kids will find different amenities at every step, so parents don’t have to go far from their building to give their children the pleasure of playing in nature. You will find all mentioned amenities in the new residential building BW Perla, the new architectural pearl of Belgrade, with a view of the river “from the first row”. Find your oasis of peace in the midst of a city hustle and bustle by smart investment in the future.  

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