Why is Real Estate the Most Attractive Type of Investment in Serbia

Why is Real Estate the Most Attractive Type of Investment in Serbia

Bojan Bulatović, Head of Sales, Belgrade Waterfront

Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait”, reads Will Rogers’s popular quote. In addition to being an excellent actor, Rogers obviously had an extraordinary sense of investment.

Back in 2015, when the first of 27 residential buildings in Belgrade Waterfront was launched, we were dealing with great predictions. Seven years later, with seven residential buildings occupied and more than 4,000 apartments sold – we proudly speak of precise numbers showing great results and numerous actual benefits for all of our clients. At this point, I completely agree with the popular actor and say: Yes, the best moment to buy real estate is right now!

At Belgrade Waterfront, we advise buyers to make the decision to buy an apartment, one of the most important ones they will ever make, on the day of launching a new building. Then, in our Sales Centre on Sava Promenada, the best choice of apartments and the most favorable payment terms await them. The payment modalities include exceptional housing loans created for Belgrade Waterfront clients, for apartments in the early construction phase, where the monthly installment starts from 499 EUR. We also offer customers the option of a payment plan in seven installments, similar to an interest-free loan, which follows the construction phases.

In addition, BW apartment is a smart investment that “works” for the owners while they live in it, since the value of the square meter rises by 5-7% annually, as the project continuously grows. Thus, they have the opportunity to earn about 25 percent even before the construction period is over. Lately, the increasingly present inflation has significantly devalued money, making the investment in real estate a winning choice, which allows citizens not only to protect their properties’ value, but also to increase it through the years. 

According to sales agents and brokers from real estate agencies, the demand for apartments for rent has completely changed the Belgrade’s offer, and BW apartments are the most desirable and, as it turned out to be the rule – they are the first choice of all tenants who look for modern, luxurious living space settled within a safe and healthy neighborhood for themselves and their families.

Statistics show that the apartments from Belgrade Waterfront offer are rented out the fastest, and the rental price ranges from 15 to 25 euros per square meter on a monthly basis. Considering all market indicators and the average rental price within BW, we have come to the returning coefficient on the investment, which indicates the profitability of the investment over a period of 12 years. It clarifies the point that being the owner of an apartment within Belgrade Waterfront means much more than having an address in the most prestigious city and country location – it’s an excellent business decision as well.

The times we live in bring rapid changes – money devalues, the value of virtual currencies oscillates, but your four walls are a peaceful haven that guarantees you stability and serenity when thinking about the future. Our vision was to provide an ideally designed living setting that complements preferable lifestyles of urban people. Through the unique new constructions we offer functional interiors completed with amazing panoramic views, settled in the most attractive neighborhood that keeps residents in touch with all main events and places across the city, while simultaneously protecting their peacefulness, comfort and privacy.

In addition to the last thing mentioned, each building has its own reception desk placed in the spacious, lighted lobby, and the professional staff that stays at residents’ disposal for daily tasks such as booking a transportation, buying tickets for various events or scheduling checkups. You can also count on them if you need someone to wait for kids after school before you come from work, and be sure they’re unobtrusively taking care that everything inside the building works flawlessly. Residents’ wellbeing is further ensured through other spatial solutions and designers’ details, making the inner courtyards an ideal place to relax, read a book or work in silence.

The whole Belgrade Waterfront is adapted to sustainable transportation modes, so pedestrians and cyclists have an advantage here. However, car drivers were also taken into account, so in addition to the fact that the development is well-connected with other parts of the city by new streets and boulevards, the residents won’t have any trouble to find a parking space, since every building has its private underground garage. The physical security and video surveillance allow you to be carefree knowing that you, your family and property are absolutely protected.

Secure yourself and your family. Get registered on belgradewaterfront.com and you can expect a call from our Sales Advisor very soon. Let them be your guides to the ideal property, whether you consider it as your home for a lifetime or the best investment deal you have ever made.

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