Our capital changes its appearance every day, develops, and becomes an increasingly attractive destination. Still, there is always something new coming up, merging the old spirit of the city with the modern upcoming times.

When we choose a property – we choose the best

Nowadays, owning real estate is considered extremely important. It is often challenging to become a real estate owner, and so when a good opportunity in terms of value for money, appears we want to make the best choice. And that is how it should be. When it comes to investing your money in a secure future, it is essential to pay attention to many details when shopping to make sure you get the most out of it. Buying your first apartment is a significant life decision, and its realization brings many challenges. It is pretty understandable if you have not yet planned all the steps, and you already have a picture of a certificate of ownership in your head and you are already dreaming about interior design. To avoid a scenario in which you only realize your shortcomings after the purchase, defining the most important things at the beginning is crucial. Smaller and practical apartment, or spacious, with or without a terrace, old or new construction? Whether you are buying an apartment for the purpose of renting it or for business use, some items are expected. At the same time, they are inevitable and equally necessary to choose wisely and minimize the possibility of error.

What was, is much more today

Belgrade Waterfront found its place between the Belgrade Fair and Brankov Bridge, Kalemegdan Fortress, and the Sava River. Once a less attractive location, today it is all we admire. A settlement represents the modern era of Serbia and the new core of Belgrade located in the center of all the most popular events. Its good geographical position enabled it to become the number one location in the capital. On the other hand, the beauty of the river gives Belgrade Waterfront an incredible feeling of warmth and uniqueness.

In September 2015, the construction of two residential buildings on this location began, which is a symbol of the entire complex today. Belgrade Waterfront is being built more and more every day, flourishing and rising from a place where there used to be nothing but rubble and ruins. Today, this is not just another settlement; this is a place where peace, beauty, and urbanity meet. Whether you are a resident or just a visitor, you will find great opportunities for every day. You can walk, ride a bike or rollerblades with friends, drink coffee or watch the sunset at Sava Promenada. For sure, you will proudly enjoy the unreal view of the river and the nature that surrounds you at any moment. Praise your friends who are not from Belgrade, because now you have another attraction in the capital!

More than a settlement

The combination of nature, exceptional architecture, rivers, cafes and restaurants, Galerija, and many cultural events will rise more and more and become a gathering place for many generations in the years to come. The Kula Belgrade had become a symbol of the city since the New Year’s premiere when an eight-minute firework and an unforgettable laser show were released. Since then, Kula has repeatedly shown its unreal beauty and significance for the capital, while the construction project itself has progressed considerably. The advantage of a smartly chosen location and well-organized space opens up more possibilities if you decide to rent at some point. Always think a little ahead and choose a valuable and lucrative property. To make the final choice as safe as possible, check all the information in detail and inquire. One of the most important criteria is the quality of construction for which you will pay. A serious investment, such as buying an apartment requires meeting all the set standards. You choose in the long run, so try to select the best following your abilities to ensure your happiness and the happiness of your loved ones.

Life in the heart of the city

Belgrade Waterfront is an urban entity that non-residentes can enjoy. For residentes, the whole experience of the new neighborhood is further enhanced by attractive facilities, parks, and life itself by the latest standards. Spacious and comfortable apartments offer modern electricity, modern heating systems, intelligent living concept, the highest quality materials, environmentally sustainable housing, and other elements to make everyday life easier. The ideal location, the proximity of the river, kindergartens, schools, markets – everything that makes a complete living experience – is needed to complete the perfect picture of the new neighborhood. Everything is at your fingertips, and for that reason, many possibilities for using free time will make everyday life exciting and easy.

Make a life decision easily

If you take enough time to buy an apartment and pay attention to the details that will affect your family and you, you can find the perfect home to live the life you dreamed of. Housing in Belgrade Waterfront and the top quality of housing units will also offer you a modern experience of living in the capital. You can buy a square meter of living space for 2,950 euros, including VAT. Housing loans made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront are now on offer, thanks to which you can get a bank loan at an early stage of building construction at a monthly installment of as little as 499 euros.

Decide to live by the highest standards!

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