An apartment in Belgrade is a safe investment, and here’s why!

An apartment in Belgrade is a safe investment, and here’s why!

When you want to invest your money, always keep in mind two key questions: how risky is the investment, and how profitable is it!

Investing in a new business can be highly profitable, but it is also precarious, especially when the world faces the economic consequences of a pandemic. On the other hand, term savings in a bank are ideal for those who want to play it safe – without risk and higher profits since interest rates on term savings are currently very low.

Is there a safer way to invest money, even in times of highly unpredictable circumstances?

The trend of buying apartments in new buildings has not stopped. Moreover, due to the growing interest in this type of real estate, the price of modern apartments in attractive locations is increasing. The local real estate market has been stable despite the new economic crisis, and official reports can confirm that. According to the Republic Geodetic Authority of Serbia data, the last quarter of 2020 brought us as much as 9.6% more sales contracts than in 2019. Therefore, experts are confident that in the coming period real estate market will maintain stability, which means that buying some of the 7,000 housing units on the banks of the Sava can be your highly profitable investment for the next few decades.

So far, more than 3,000 people have bought an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront, and here is what was crucial for them when they made the final decision on this investment.

Apartment prices in Belgrade are constantly rising

Belgrade is an economical, business, tourist, cultural, and educational regional center, which is why it is at the top of the list of cities desirable for studying, living, and working. Apart from being the residence of highly qualified experts from Serbia and the region, Belgrade is also a new desirable location for an increasing number of foreign citizens. Foreigners are coming to Belgrade looking for affordable yet luxurious modern life and new, unusual experiences.

The high demand makes real estate prices in Belgrade grow from year to year, which means that this type of investment can provide you with a significant financial gain through renting over a more extended period.

Great potential for long-term passive income

Investing money in starting a business is a risky move because profitability depends on numerous unpredictable market factors. In addition, keeping savings in banks is becoming less profitable due to low interest rates. In fact, in some markets, negative interest rates are used to fight deflation by making it more costly to hold onto money.

In the given circumstances, investing in an apartment in Belgrade is the safest decision that could generate passive income even in the next few decades. The growing trend of the price per square meter and the great demand for residential and commercial buildings in Belgrade make the buying decision the right move. When choosing an apartment as an investment, the crucial matters are location and infrastructure because they enable the purchased real estate to be leased quickly and easily. Apartments in Belgrade Waterfront include all of the above, and it is up to you to choose which income model suits you best.

Among the most popular types of renting apartments are renting for a day, renting for a longer time, and renting out for business purposes. The rent range will depend on factors such as the apartment size and the equipment of the building itself. However, common to these apartments is that they are in great demand thanks to their quality and location, both among domestic and foreign citizens.

Location as a timeless benefit

Belgrade Waterfront is a new international destination and a new city center, an actual city of the future in a unique location at the Pannonian Plain and the Balkan Peninsula junction. It extends on the connection between the old Belgrade center and New Belgrade, only twenty minutes from the airport “Nikola Tesla” and a maximum of 15 minutes walk from key city locations. Tucked away by the Sava River, surrounded by parks, greenery, and excellent infrastructure, this new city space provides its residents and visitors with benefits that will always be high-end.

Whether you are renting an apartment to a family with children, a young IT expert, or tourists, each of them will have everything they need for a perfect longer or shorter stay. While the proximity of kindergartens, parks, and children’s playgrounds is crucial for the youngest residents, adults will appreciate the proximity of markets, restaurants, cultural facilities, and Galerija shopping center located within the settlement. Furthermore, the services intended for the tenants themselves were formed precisely according to their needs so that all buildings have underground garages, without which life in a city of millions is unthinkable.

Buying an apartment in a big city has always been considered a worthwhile investment, and the latest economic changes have only strengthened the power of that role. Moreover, the pandemic has made home the safest place in the world. And having real estate in Belgrade today means always being financially advantageous.

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