Buying your first apartment is a big step! These tips will help you make the right choice

Buying your first apartment is a big step! These tips will help you make the right choice

You’ve been dreaming about it for years, sacrificing yourself and secretly planning, and now it all seems possible? Buying your first apartment is a significant and important life decision, and its realization brings several challenges. It is pretty understandable if you have not yet planned out all the steps, and you already have a picture of the ownership certificate in your head, and the keys firmly squeezed in your hand.

To avoid a scenario in which you only realize your shortcomings after the purchase, defining the most important steps at the beginning is essential.

Smaller and practical apartment or spacious with terrace? Old or new construction? Most customers initially deal with issues that come “at the end”. Either way, whether you plan to buy a family apartment or intending to rent it or use it for business purposes, they all have some things in common. At the same time, these things are inevitable and equally necessary! To choose wisely and minimize the possibility of making an error, use this blog as a helpful mini guide.

Purchasing your first apartment may begin!

Set a budget and purpose

Are you buying an apartment with bank loans or directly from investors? Are you buying an apartment that is in the early construction stage or in an old building? Whatever your choice, the key starting point is your budget. Carefully calculate your finances and put on paper how much you can invest. This calculation will help you orient yourself later and not go too far from your goal. The next step is to define the purpose of purchasing the apartment. Will it be a new home for your family, a real estate for rent, an office space, an apartment that you plan to rent on a daily basis or something completely different? The size and arrangement of the apartment will depend on the purpose of purchasing it. You will probably have to revise your budget several times.

Perhaps you need a loan? Those who plan to buy an apartment will be pleased to learn that there are housing loans made exclusively for apartments in Belgrade Waterfront. In addition, you may get a housing loan in the early construction stage at a monthly installment starting from EUR 499.

This relief is significant because, in the standard procedure, loans are approved only when the building is 80% completed.

Specify the ideal construction, organization and environment of the apartment

Do you want your apartment to have a comfortable and beautiful terrace, two bathrooms or a dining room separate from the living room? Be clear when setting priorities that you will not give up on, but also make a list of items where compromise would be possible. For example, the construction must be new, but it doesn’t have to be located strictly in the city center.

According to the purpose, the inevitable details come next. Whether you are planning to buy an apartment in Belgrade or another city,  make sure that the neighborhood is well connected to the key city locations and pay attention to the proximity of kindergartens, schools, markets, building maintenance contracts and the availability of parking. All of these aspects affect the quality of your investment! The advantage of choosing the right location and well-organized space opens up more possibilities if you decide to rent your apartment at some point. Therefore, always think slightly ahead and choose a suitable and adaptable property.

Pay attention to the reliability of investors and the quality of construction and materials

The offer of real estate in the capital may lead you to a dilemma. To make the safest choice check all the information in detail and make as many inquiries as you need. In this new, advanced digital age, previous buyers will often share online their reviews and experiences with investors (on social networks, in closed groups, or forums), and you will hear them firsthand.

One of the most important criteria when choosing an apartment is the quality of construction you will get for your money. A serious investment, such as buying an apartment, also requires meeting all the standards that you have set. When making a long-term decision, try to choose the best fit in accordance with your capabilities. Modern electricity and heating systems, a smart living concept, the materials used, environmentally sustainable housing and settlements that make everyday life easier create an invaluable.

When it comes to property offers in Belgrade, it can match those in the wealthiest countries. Namely, Belgrade Waterfront is the winner of the European Property Award in the category “Best Mixed Purpose Project”  for two years in a row now. An independent jury of 80 real estate experts rated the best nominated European projects and gave evaluations based on design, quality, service, innovation, originality, and sustainability.

To be as efficient as possible, write down everything you need to do when buying an apartment. Avoid making decisions quickly and in moments of euphoria. The most important thing is to pay attention to quality, cost-effectiveness and reliability of the apartment you plan to make your property. Good luck!

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