Five Ideas on How to Spend the Day in Belgrade Waterfront

Five Ideas on How to Spend the Day in Belgrade Waterfront

You would like to organize a quality afternoon with friends and enjoy the rich and varied gastronomic offer of our capital, but all the places in the city have already become boring and monotonous? You are planning to spend the weekend with your family and enjoy the moments together, without stress, rushing by car from one point to another searching for a free parking space? Don’t worry, we have a great suggestion for you!

Whether you want to relax in a pleasant ambiance with the enchanting aroma of the coffee, go shopping, visit exclusive restaurants and try unusual specialties or simply go for a walk by the river and soak up the last warm rays of the sun this year, Belgrade Waterfront is an ideal destination that you must visit in early autumn. We have five ideas for you that will make your day at one of the most beautiful locations in Belgrade unforgettable.


Drinking your favorite beverage by the river has always been a supreme pleasure for the senses, and coffee lovers can afford themselves such a pleasure if they decide to spend their free time in the beautiful ambiance of Kafeterija on Sava Promenada, from which the well-known aroma of selected coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Guatemala, or from Cuba wafts at all times. Wherever you have traveled in your mind while sitting comfortably in a vintage armchair and through glasses, in the fresh air, on the bank of the river, watching the reflections of the sun’s rays on the Sava, it is certain that you will not find a better place for an afternoon cup of pure enjoyment anywhere in the city.

If, on the other hand, you prefer the feeling of supreme comfort, coziness and privacy, La Casa de Cafe is a place you will surely adore. The warmth that this cafe exudes will make you feel at home, while drinking coffee with various types of milk in specially designed cups. For fans of a slightly more dynamic atmosphere, acoustic jazz and rhythms of Spanish guitars, a visit to Diverzija, a unique snack & coffee bar is the top choice. Of course, if your intention is to simply enjoy a walk along Sava Promenada, a coffee to go is always a great idea.


After coffee, bring your friends to one of many exclusive restaurants for which Belgrade Waterfront has already become famous. If you are a fan of the wine & gastro restaurant concept and like to try the products of some of the best international and domestic wineries with a good bite, Red Queen or Bottega on Sava Promenada simply must be on your route. However, if you are in the company of business partners whom you would like to take to lunch after the meeting, Buddha Bar, a world-class restaurant, widely known for its great dishes of Asian cuisine, is the right choice. With an excellent menu and perfect ambient music, you will have the feeling that you are thousands of kilometers away from Belgrade.

Savanova, now a cult restaurant on the bank of Sava river, is an ideal location if you want to go for lunch with your family, and we are sure that your kids will also enjoy the fantastic mini-playground located near the restaurant.


However, that’s not the only place that will make your kids want to come back to Belgrade Waterfront again and again. In the immediate vicinity of Galerija and Kula Belgrade is Sava Park, probably the most beautiful park in our capital and a favorite place for recreation and fun. For your entertainment, there is a court for basketball, futsal and volleyball, table tennis tables, a grass path for walking and jogging with two parallel lanes and other furniture, so that, in addition to the little ones, in the green oasis of Belgrade with 140 trees, you will surely enjoy it too. If you prefer to rest and refresh yourself while your little ones play carefree, Sava Play is also located on Sava Promenada, a unique family corner with a fenced children’s playground and pop-up restaurants, so you’ll feel like you’re in New York, Paris or London, metropolises from which this concept was taken and applied in our capital.

As the most beautiful scenes of the sunset in Belgrade can be seen when you go down to the river, we suggest that you choose Sava Promenada for a leisurely evening walk, the new center of the city’s most important events and a promenade that has become a favorite place in the city in a short time. Sava Promenada boasts a well-maintained bicycle path, so you can go on a two-wheeled tour of the city’s coastline.


When you’re already there, on Sava Promenada, don’t miss going to the grandiose, 168-meter-high Kula Belgrade, the new symbol of the capital, which is just a few minutes away from you. It is an artistic and architectural venture that has lifted all standards in the field of construction in our country and whose exclusive contents will delight you. In just 25 seconds by elevator, you will be able to reach the 360-degree observation deck on the 41st floor, from which you can enjoy a spectacular and unique view of the entire Belgrade and all its most important points, such as the Aval Tower or the Saint Sava Temple. Above, at the top, you will also find kaleidoscopes where you will be able to learn more about the numerous museums, monuments, parks and other features of the city, which are spread out like in the palm of your hand, through multimedia content. There are also telescopes with which you can thoroughly “comb” and search the entire capital, and share the “results” of your search with your followers on Instagram!

At the foot of the largest building in the region awaits Kula Plaza, another modern public space in our capital, which will be full of numerous exhibitions, performances, concerts and other free cultural and artistic events that will be enjoyed by all generations.


Round off an unforgettable day in Belgrade Waterfront with a visit to Galerija, the largest shopping center in this part of Europe, which brought a completely new and unique concept of shopping and entertainment to Serbia. In addition to numerous exclusive stores, such as the recently opened LIU JO or Elisabetta Franchi, the first and only IMAX Cineplexx movie theater in Serbia with the most modern technology awaits you in Galerija, where premieres of numerous cinematographic works are often organized, as well as the largest amusement park, Cosmo Fun, which your little ones will adore.

Regardless of whether you want to buy new pieces of clothes from the autumn collection, relax with a new movie, have fun with the kids or enjoy the rich gastronomic offer of numerous premium restaurants and cafes, Galerija, another architectural masterpiece inspired by the most beautiful streets of Belgrade and squares, is the perfect place for your best family memories.

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