Hotel Bristol and Kula Belgrade are connected by one of the most beautiful streets in the city

Hotel Bristol and Kula Belgrade are connected by one of the most beautiful streets in the city

Stretching from the roundabout near Karadjordjeva and Travnicka Streets to Nikolai Kravtsov Street and running parallel to Woodrow Wilson Boulevard on one side and Sava on the other, Hercegovacka Street has, not without reason, become the main link of that old, romantic spirit of the Serbian capital from the beginning of the 20th century and the new, modern one that came together with the construction of Belgrade Waterfront.

At the very beginning, on its right and left sides, there are two pearls of modern Serbian architecture, one of which, the Belgrade Cooperative, already shines brightly with its old shine, and the other, the Bristol Hotel, will soon rediscover its well-known fascinating face, which was hidden due to negligence for a long time. At the end of Hercegovacka is the magnificent, monumental Kula Belgrade, the tallest building in Serbia and the region, which has already become a new symbol on all postcards of our capital.

An idyllic urban fairytale

In addition to rebuilding the first two and building the third architectural gem of Belgrade, Belgrade Waterfront also completely reconstructed the street that connects them, thanks to which Hercegovacka became not only an important traffic “vein” of Belgrade Waterfront, but also one of the most beautiful, greenest and the most orderly streets in the capital.

Hercegovačka street

Various types of trees have been planted along this kilometer-long thoroughfare, and it is adorned with wide sidewalks and numerous rest benches. Modern LED street lighting during the evening creates an idyllic city fairy tale next to the Sava. Walking through the Belgrade Waterfront streets, you will discover planters where the plants change four times a year, evoking season changes. At the moment, colorful cyclamen and tulips are blooming in them, cheering up the whole neighborhood with their bright colors. Summer cannot pass without begonias and hydrangeas, autumn violas enter the scene as soon as the warm days pass, and the winter queen marks the coldest season.

What is in Hercegovacka Street?

As one of the central streets of Belgrade Waterfront, Hercegovacka is the address of a large number of residential buildings that have raised the level of housing in our capital with their amenities, well-landscaped parks, and design.

Futurino kindergarden

The BW Vista building is home to Futurino, the first kindergarten in Belgrade Waterfront, opened in 2019. The kindergarten is equipped with the highest quality, modernly designed furniture, adapted to the needs of children, and enriched with various Montessori didactic materials. Thanks to the pleasant environment, the stay in the kindergarten acquires the warmth of a family home. Parents can also go with their children to the nearby Star Kids playroom, which is also a cafe, so it is an ideal place to create the most beautiful family memories.

Flower Room shop

Residents of Hercegovacka Street and its visitors can afford precious moments of relaxation and beautification in one of the numerous beauty salons, such as Studio Extension, Elegance Beauty Spa, or Hairlovers Institute, to delight their loved ones with fresh flowers from the Flower Room or to practice in the gym MAVIC Fitness & lifestyle. Just a few steps from the street is Sava Promenada, which means that you can quickly reach numerous cafes and restaurants along Belgrade’s favorite promenade, as well as the bicycle path that stretches from SRC “25. May” to Ada Ciganlija.

Hercegovacka “flows” into Nikolai Kravtsov Street and it is very easy to reach not only Kula Belgrade and all its amenities, such as the spacious plateau, the Sava panorama, i.e. the semicircular bridge over the Sava or the observation deck on the 41st floor, but also Galerija, the largest shopping, entertainment, and dining destination in the region of South-Eastern Europe, where there are about 300 stores, the most modern Cineplexx cinema in the country with IMAX technology, the largest entertainment park in Serbia and about 50 catering facilities.

Belgrade River Fest
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