How does the place we live affect our mood?

How does the place we live affect our mood?

Architecture is an art born from the aspiration to transform the place where we live from a mere space that protects us from the weather, into a place that depicts the most beautiful moments of our lives, and where we will feel comfortable, free, and in a good mood. However, one of the biggest architectural challenges remains the one to create a feeling of beauty and warmth that overwhelms us when we step into a room, so we want to stay in that place. This feeling is especially important when we are choosing a new home. That is why, while planning every residential building in Belgrade Waterfront, we had that feeling of warmth in mind – the feeling of home.

People have tried to define this energy and its influence on our mood in numerous ways. Maybe these explanations and symbols help you in choosing your future home in Belgrade Waterfront. For example, in feng shui, it is considered that various factors, such as the proximity and shape of other objects and spaces, as well as the nature in the environment, can represent good or bad signs when choosing a future home.

  • Lush vegetation, for example, is considered a good sign. Apartments surrounded by greenery fill the home with oxygen and have a positive effect on the wellbeing of residents.
  • Water in feng shui is related to money flow and career, and flowing water is believed to help us get rid of things we no longer need.
  • A good sign is a river that quietly flows in front of the home, while a river should flowing towards the entrance of a house that is considered bad feng shui.

Also, there is a widespread belief that our mood in a certain room is also influenced by colors, and, in addition to the inclination towards certain shades, people often consider the symbolism of colors.

  • Green is suitable for resting because it is the color of nature, which brings harmony to a home. It is recommended to get rid of feelings of anxiety and stress, especially after a long and hard day.
  • Red helps us raise energy and is associated with passion, liveliness, and willpower.
  • Blue symbolizes freedom, calmness, and sensitivity, and is believed to contribute to a sense of relaxation and balance.

On the other hand, it has also been proven that visually warm colors seemingly “reduce” space, just as cold ones “increase” it, which can also contribute to different impressions of the room.

Guided by the idea that a home should, regardless of different beliefs and symbols, be the place we will fall in love with at first sight, we develop each of our buildings. That way, the buildings of Park District are located amidst green surfaces, close to Sava river and Sava Park, with a view on treetops that grant a calming effect. Apartments in residential buildings assembled around Sava Park have the potential to become your new favorite place, where the feeling of peace and well-being will not depend on the color you paint the walls, but it will rather be permanent.

The invaluable feeling of nature in the very city center, is just one of the many advantages of living in BW Arcadia, BW Aurora, BW Verde, BW Aqua, and BW Quartet. Sava Promenada offers numerous opportunities for recreation and entertainment; Galerija Belgrade, the largest shopping center in the region, is also at your fingertips. Only the highest quality standards are applied in the construction, and BW Arcadia will help with its subtle beauty that the pleasure you feel in it isn’t only the result of good feng shui, but top craftsmanship that sets standards in the capital’s housing offer.

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