How to choose the ideal apartment for your family?

How to choose the ideal apartment for your family?

True love. Towards ourselves, others, towards art, travel, music. Or simply life. And when you live, you want it to be in a place where that love rises. The strongest one, towards family.

An oasis of peace and security

The goal we all strive for is that when we start our family, we have the opportunity to gather in a place that will represent our tiny oasis of peace and security. However, modern life in our capital is a challenge when creating a shared future because we all want a balance between the private and business segment of life. Therefore, what you should pay attention to when buying an apartment is choosing the right location that will allow you to achieve the perfect work-life balance that we all strive for in modern times.

Desires that arise from love

When you love someone, you want only the best for them. That is why it is essential to pay attention to a lot of details when buying an apartment. For peaceful family life, what you should look for is a tranquil neighborhood, without the noise of traffic and city crowds. The excellent location of the residential building ensures the satisfaction of the whole family. It allows all members to relax in their homes. At the same time, close to the apartment, they will have various retail stores and leisure activities that can unite the entire living experience.

Belgrade Waterfront provides an ideal surrounding for every family: a park and outdoor gym, proximity to kindergartens, substantial open space for pets activities, proximity to Galerija shopping center, a large selection of cafes and restaurants, ambiance full of greenery, private parking, and many other benefits – all of them tucked away by the beautiful Sava River.

In addition to being one of the most exclusive and dynamic locations, this neighborhood also provides excellent connections to all parts of the city. It is close to the Belgrade historical center, has a direct exit to Gazela Bridge, and easy access to the E-75 highway, while at a shorter distance is the Sava Bridge, the fastest route to reach the New Belgrade. Also, not far from the area, there are a large number of bus and tram stops.

Growing up on the banks of the Sava River

One of the most beautiful things you can give to your children is a carefree and happy childhood.

The ideal environment for a healthy and active life for your child is another important factor when buying an apartment. As children are always in need of space for everyday activities, the plan of the building complex is designed so that there is a significant children’s infrastructure. It includes a common park with a children’s playground, the Sava Park with 140 trees, landscaped lawns, and numerous sports and recreational facilities. In addition, the nearby Sava Promenade is the perfect setting for cycling, rollerblading, or a simple walk or run.

What is also important is the safety of children, which is taken care of by professional security within the housing complex. As a tenant of the building, you will have the opportunity to choose from a large selection of educational and cultural events, sport and leisure activities, entertainment happenings, and shopping experiences, all in one place that you can call your home.

Afford your new life easier than you think

In addition to the top quality of housing units, living in Belgrade Waterfront offers the proximity of all amenities necessary for modern life, and you can purchase a square metre of living space for as little as EUR 2,950, including VAT.

All those who plan to buy an apartment will be pleased to learn that there are housing loans made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront. Thanks to it, you can get a bank loan for a new home at an early stage of construction, at a monthly installment starting from EUR 499.

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