Love drives us, and the most special is the one that parents feel for their children. That kind of love makes us do anything just for them to be happy. So, if you want to make the right choice when designing a bedroom for your children, keep reading.

From love to life’s needs

Buying a new apartment is a big step towards creating an ideal life for the family.This moment of happiness is measured in everyday smiles and kind words and is memorable for all family members. The complexity of the purchasing process allows you to consider your wishes and your children’s needs. In the end, it creates inspiration for creating the best buying outcome and building a home that will be your warm oasis of peace. If you want to sleep close to your child, make sure your sleeping space is next to your children’s room. Also, when picking the best bedroom, it is essential to choose the one with the large windows and most light so that your child can enjoy the sun’s rays all year round. Keep in mind that the room you choose has enough space to store children’s toys. As we all know, toys are their “best friends.” On top of all that, make sure you do the right thing to create a space that will nurture their needs.

Your choice – family happiness

When choosing a new living space, keep in mind that it is a lifelong investment, and therefore pick the best one. Belgrade Waterfront is a neighborhood that has already stood out as very desirable for families with children due to its location, quality construction, plenty of green space, proximity to the river, and all the necessary amenities for a fulfilling life. The selection includes two- or three-bedroom apartments, but we suggest larger apartments if you expect your family to expand. The current offer consists of some new buildings: BW Lumia, BW Eterna, or BW Scala. Each facility offers exceptional opportunities for a quality life. If you take enough time to buy an apartment and pay attention to the details that will affect your family, you can find the perfect home where you can watch your children grow up happily and peacefully in the years to come.

Carefree childhood in Belgrade Waterfront

By deciding to buy an apartment in the new Belgrade district, you ensure the whole family’s happiness. Highly spacious apartments, elegant spaces, and refined finishing materials provide a sense of ubiquitous sophistication. A ceiling height of 2.8 m and large windows further contribute to the impression of light and spaciousness in living rooms and bedrooms. Depending on the apartment position inside the building, some units have an exceptional view of the inner courtyard. In contrast, a limited number of units are oriented towards the beautiful panorama of the old town. Each building also has private security to help keep an eye on your children. One more thing will delight the parents who choose Belgrade Waterfront as their home – a kindergarten Futurino that will give your children a perfect adaptation to the new apartment and neighborhood.

Sweet torments and sweet life

After choosing an apartment, the key issue is furnishing the children’s room. For one child, the space should be at least 8 to 10 square meters, two between 10 and 12 square meters, and three between 13 and 15 square meters. Decorating a children’s room is a demanding task for every parent. Creativity, available space, and financial investment are the key factors that pose the most significant challenge to any parent. However, decorating a children’s room can be a fun project that you can start with your children, and a good plan and imagination can save both time and money. Everyone who has children knows how precious those moments are. So, how do you decorate a children’s room that will be loved but will also grow with your child?

All you need to start is to choose the theme of the children’s room and then focus on all the elements that will contribute to the realization of your project.

Tips and ideas for practical parents

First, specify the number of possible themes because your child can easily change his mind about this favorite cartoon character or a toy. It is a good idea to follow your theme with temporary items such as pillows, plush toys, or removable stickers because when your child gets bored, you can quickly and economically replace them. You should always be the one to decide on the decoration arrangement, but be sure to sit with your children and listen to their wishes. When you get all the information, make the final choices. Give your children a sense of freedom because it is their space, and they have the right to add their personal touch.

Another helpful tip is choosing neutral colors and adding color with small, easily replaceable elements. Also, the bunk bed offers additional space for play or a desk, and as you know – there is never enough space for children. Moms and dads, choose carefully for your children because they will be highly grateful to you for a beautiful childhood.

Your dream apartment – a fairy tale for the youngest

If you were wondering – while reading this article – how to achieve all the goals, here is the solution! Moving to Belgrade Waterfront is now easier than ever! You can buy a square meter of living space for the price of EUR 2,950, including VAT. Also, now you can obtain housing loans created especially for Belgrade Waterfront apartments and get a bank loan in the early building construction phase, with a monthly installment starting at EUR 499.

Let fairy tales become a reality!

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