Go down to the river: How to make the most of your day off in Belgrade Waterfront

Go down to the river: How to make the most of your day off in Belgrade Waterfront

When we are preoccupied with the routine of everyday life, we often become “blind” to the beauty that is all around us. We forget the charm of small things, and sometimes we don’t even see the big ones, even though they are right in front of our eyes. One of such examples is Belgrade Waterfront, with the construction of which our capital city takes on a new, more beautiful, and modern face.

Many of the things we admire when we travel are now at our fingertips – from the beautiful promenade by the river and the lush Sava Park with landscaped sports fields to Galerija, the largest shopping, entertainment, and gastronomic destination in the region. A special attraction is the magnificent Kula Belgrade, currently only the most beautiful background for photos, but soon we will enjoy the view of the entire city from its observation deck on the 41st floor and schedule meetings on the spacious plateau in front of it.

Families with children

Spread the blankets on the soft lawn of Sava Park, bring out a basket of sandwiches and fruit, and the perfect morning picnic can begin. After getting the necessary dose of energy, the little ones will rush to explore the innovative devices with which they will develop their motor skills, speed, and spatial orientation. As the safety of visitors, especially the youngest ones, is a priority, all playgrounds in Belgrade Waterfront have a certificate which prove that mobiliary is safe for use. During they play, you can read a book in this green oasis with 140 trees, play a game of table tennis, or run on the jogging track around the park.

Green and modern Sava park full of playful children.

You get hungry quickly in the fresh air, but that’s no problem when you’re in an area with the best and widest range of restaurants in the city. Known as a real little hedonistic paradise, Sava Promenada will soon get another prestigious restaurant of Italian cuisine – Jamie’s Italian, which will serve the most delicious specialties of the Apennine Peninsula with the signature of the famous British chef Jamie Oliver. Pizzas, pasta, focaccia, tiramisu … whatever you choose, one thing is for sure – you and your loved ones will enjoy the rhapsody of excellent taste.

Sava Promenada bicycle track.

In the afternoon, it’s the right time for a leisurely walk by the river, and then for ice cream in Galerija. If you want to shop in peace or just look at the gorgeous windows, the kids will be happy to leave them in the unique entertainment park on the second floor of a shopping center. End the day by enjoying a family movie together with popcorn at the Cineplexx cinema, the only one in the region with IMAX technology.

A group of friends

If you have in your company both passionate athletes and the biggest hedonists, be sure that Belgrade Waterfront is a place where both will satisfy their appetites. The day can start with coffee and a light breakfast in one of the numerous cafes and restaurants on Sava Promenada overlooking the river. During that time, agree on which court you will occupy in Sava Park: for basketball, futsal, or volleyball.

Restaurant on Sava Promenada with a beautiful view of the Savas Bridge.

It is not always easy to reach a consensus in a larger society, but if someone is not into team sports, there are other options available: riding bicycles and rollerblades along Sava Promenada, jogging around the Sava Park or doing yoga on the perfectly manicured grass, which thanks to a special maintenance method is green every day no matter of the time of the year. The gathering place after recreation can be one of the restaurants at Galerija. In order to reconcile different desires, we suggest that you choose a national cuisine restaurant for lunch and leave dinner to enjoy Italian specialties.

Art Gallery in Belgrade Waterfront, made by KvArt

Belgrade Waterfront is also a first-class destination for all art lovers. The whole project is developed with the idea that art becomes a part of the daily life of the residents of the Serbian capital and all its visitors. Therefore, in between gastronomic delights, visit the current exhibitions, enjoy the art installations that adorn the spacious corridors of Galerija, and take a walk along Sava Promenada, where concerts and artistic performances are held throughout the year.

One thing is for sure: every resident and guest of Belgrade, depending on their personal preferences, will find some favorite corner in Belgrade Waterfront and design their perfect day. What you can immediately forget about is the typical Belgrade concern about parking, because in Galerija you can park your car for free throughout the day. Sava Square and Galerija are easily reached by numerous lines of public transport from all parts of Belgrade, so you don’t have to go anywhere outside the city – spend your best day off on the right bank of the Sava.

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