Hedonists, attention! A new, modern market with a green roof awaits you near Galerija

Hedonists, attention! A new, modern market with a green roof awaits you near Galerija

It has long been known that you can get to know a place and even the entire people who live there, in the best way if you go to the market. It is often said that it represents the “soul” of every city and that the “pulse of city life” can best be felt among stalls full of colorful fruits and vegetables and in conversation with hard-working vendors. That’s why residents of Belgrade, its visitors, guests, and tourists will be delighted by the news that a new, indoor market will soon be built in the immediate vicinity of Galerija, the largest shopping center in the region. And not just any kind!

In addition to numerous world trends that it has brought to Serbia, Belgrade Waterfront also brings this one, a market one, so on the right bank of the Sava, in the immediate vicinity of the BW Nota building, there will be a unique corner of quality food and a completely enchanting atmosphere, such as we have seen so far in Italy or Spain. In other words, Belgrade will get its own version of La Boqueria from Barcelona or Mercato Centrale from Florence – a gastronomic destination where the unique ambiance of the market will bring the best tastes and smells together with the energy of the city.

The architectural solution itself is such that it is clear at first glance that this place will become a new city attraction and one of the favorite meeting points. Several entrances will lead to the naturally lit central hall, which will represent the “heart” of the market, and traditional materials such as brick will give this modern building the special warmth and charm of a bygone era.

New modern market in the Belgrade Waterfront

Every day in it, the irresistible aromas of freshly baked bread and pastries will be mixed with the well-known smells of Pirot cheese, Zlatibor prosciutto, and delicious Sumadija fruit, and the vivid colors of seasonal flowers and the ravishing scents of herbs will create a special magic.

But it’s not just about the food, it’s about the whole atmosphere! Everything is designed so that you don’t go to the new city market just for greens and the highest quality delicacies but for a complete pleasure for all the senses. In addition to the opportunity to taste the most diverse specialties, visitors will be able to eat “something off their feet” or sit in the restaurant, drink coffee, or simply take a break, absorbing the vibrations of this unique environment. The new headquarters of the JKP „Beogradske pijace“ will be situated in this building. This company will manage the Belgrade Waterfront green market. You don’t have to worry about parking – the building will also have a garage where you can leave your car.

Although this is not a green market in the classic sense of the term, it is also very green. Apart from the exclusive location next to the Sava, the roof with an abundance of natural greenery is perhaps the biggest attraction of this facility and certainly represents a great privilege that even much more famous markets in the world do not have. Thus, not only residents of the nearby BW Nota but also all citizens will be able to go straight to the roof after shopping and enjoy a relaxing view of the river or the panorama of the Serbian capital.

The new, modern, and dynamic urban market will surely become the new address of local hedonists, as well as numerous tourists who, as is already known, in addition to hospitality and nightlife, most often praise Serbian cuisine and authentic local specialties. And that’s exactly what is waiting for them in the new market! The vivid spirit of this place will be etched in their memory and will become one of those things that will make them want to return to Serbia and its most modern neighborhood – Belgrade Waterfront.

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