As New Year’s Eve approaches, the time has come to express our gratitude for everything we achieved this year. We are thankful for having friends and family by our side, for every beautiful moment, and all those unexpected life surprises. We are grateful for everything that happened to us and excited for the things that 2022 brings.

Best wishes for the end of the year

We keep the most beautiful things in ourselves. The most beautiful feelings, thoughts, and desires. And just before the end of one year, we are getting wiser, more determined, and more courageous. Brave enough to put all those unfulfilled wishes on paper, hoping that we will make them come true in the new year.

Usually, as the night of December 31 is getting closer, we consider everything we have achieved – what we have changed, what was not good, or what was missing. And we get thrilled knowing that, when the clock strikes midnight, we will make a wish and get another chance to make everything perfect. We will leave behind all the bad things and decisions in distant memories that will fade with time. At the same time, some new, beautiful wishes are waiting to come true, on the brink of a new year. So do your best and give your loved ones and yourself the most beautiful moments of life – now and forever.

For future best moments

It is always nice to fantasize, to have dreams that will lead us to our desired destination. Some goals are bigger, some smaller, but each is equally important. Many of us are looking forward to 2022 with a desire to start a new life, get a roof over our heads, or expand our families. These dreams can now become a reality – in Belgrade Waterfront apartments. Buying an apartment can be easier and quicker than you expect, thanks to housing loans created especially for apartments in this modern district. With this special offer, you can get a bank loan for new living space in the early building construction stage at a monthly installment of as little as EUR 499. This valuable investment will get you a comprehensive experience of living on the banks of the Sava River, which is considered one of the most incredible benefits of living in the Belgrade Waterfront. In addition to being one of the most exclusive and dynamic locations, this neighborhood provides ideal content for every family: park and outdoor gym, proximity to kindergarten and Galerija shopping center, space for pets, a wide selection of cafes and restaurants, ambiance full of greenery, private parking and many other amenities.

The perfect choice for the ideal life

In 2022, many buildings in Belgrade Waterfront will be completed, so the apartment selection will be wider than ever. Whether you choose an apartment with a view of the park, the river, or the common yard, these are just some of the sweet choices you need to make. The new BW Lumia building is where the line between work and pleasure is blurred, and everything is adapted to a comfortable and well-organized life. The immediate vicinity of the park and the inner courtyard provide time for relaxation or a break during work. At the same time, within a few minutes walk, there are multifunctional sports fields, trim trails, the Sava Promenade, and Galerija shopping center. If you are looking for a prestigious lifestyle, quality construction, and a first-class location, BW Eterna is a perfect choice for you. The entire complex has a specific geometry, and almost half of its length is comfortably located opposite the Sava Park, providing a unique atmosphere to residents. This environment is ideal for both peaceful and dynamic life in the capital.

A new beginning

Sometimes in life, we all need a new beginning. Whether it’s a new job, a new love, or a new home. We are the ones making a choice, and that is the beauty of living – we, and only we, are responsible for everything we achieve. 

For each new day, it is important how we start it. A comfortable bed, a smile for a loved one, daylight entering through a window, and the most beautiful view through it. The first morning coffee in the new kitchen or on the terrace, with an indescribable feeling of happiness and fulfillment. You just have to believe that this is possible for you. Because decisions are made when all the pieces come together, you have a clear goal and a plan. This may be the perfect time for you to start chasing your dreams because the new year can bring a new life in a home full of warmth and happiness. Having goals means striving for the feeling of fulfillment, freedom, and love we share with our loved ones. After all, our loved ones are why we try and desire so hard; they lead us to a dream life.When we strive for peaceful family life, we need a quiet place, far from traffic noise and city crowds. The excellent positioning of the residential building ensures the satisfaction of the whole family and helps everyone feel relaxed in their own home, enjoying all the facilities within the neighborhood.

Welcome, 2022!

For a unique New Year’s Eve experience, join us at Sava Promenada with your loved ones and enjoy the most spectacular celebration! On the night of December 31, the Belgrade Waterfront will host a light and music performance yet unseen in the region! The event starts at 8 PM, and the lineup includes numerous regional music stars: Angellina, Coby, Saša Kovačević, and Goran Bregović, who will perform with the former singer of Bijelo dugme – Mladen Vojičić Tifa. Eight-minute fireworks, laser beams, and light effects on Kula Belgrade will make this show a moment to remember.

And right here, on the night when we say goodbye to the past, we should look forward to the bright future that the new 2022 brings. So make your wish on the most beautiful Sava Promenada and dare to dream big!

Belgrade Waterfront wishes you a Happy New Year!

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