Buying an apartment is an exciting process and a turning point in life. If you have a large family, you must take into account your wishes and needs and the needs of your children. It all adds complexity to the shopping process and yet gives you inspiration and motivation for achieving what you have always strived for – creating a home that exudes warmth and love.

This guide will help you focus on what to consider when buying an apartment, so you can easily find the perfect home for you and your family.

Include your children in the shopping process

Buying an apartment for a large family is a challenge that you should be ready to tackle. First, ask your children what is important to them so that you can make a wish list following it, alongside other priorities. After that, you will surely narrow down your choices, and when you have two or three apartments that are contenders, you can include children in the purchase process. Although leaving children at home during the first visits helps prevent distractions, you do not want to leave them out of the process entirely. Involving children in the shopping process is key to seeing how they react to the new space and what they like and don’t. You should only visit one or two apartments in a day, at a time when kids are rested and happy – not just before or during nap time. By involving your little ones in the shopping process, you will not only help them prepare for the final move, but you will also get some unique insights into the space and environment of the apartment. Although you will have the last word when buying, your children may notice things that you did not. Ideally, they will react positively, and so you will know, among other indicators, that it is the ideal home for you.

Choosing a location is a top priority

When finding the ideal apartment for a large family, choosing its location is vital. In order to provide the best for your children, the apartment must be located in a quiet area, without traffic noise and city crowds. The pursuit of the life we dream of for our family encourages us to consider every detail. Therefore, one of the most important things is the proximity of schools or kindergartens that your children would attend. If the apartment is located near the center, you will have more options to choose a quality educational institution. If you choose a capital city instead of a small town, your children will be closer to cultural, educational, sporting, and other events. Also, be careful when it comes to picking the neighborhood you will be living in. Belgrade Waterfront provides ideal content for every family: park and outdoor gym, kindergarten, space for pets, proximity to the Galerija Belgrade shopping center, a large selection of cafes and restaurants, ambiance full of greenery, tucked away by the Sava River, private parking and many other amenities. In addition to being one of the most exclusive and dynamic locations, this neighborhood also provides excellent connections to all parts of the city. It is close to the old city center, has a direct exit to Gazela bridge, and easy access to the E-75 highway, while at a shorter distance is the Sava Bridge, the fastest route to New Belgrade. Also, not far from the neighborhood, there are a large number of bus and tram stops.

The size and layout of the apartment are extremely important

Growing up is an integral part of life, so parents always want to give their children the carefreeness they need to feel during that period. Buying an apartment is a big step towards fulfilling all your dreams and the dreams of your children. If you are planning to increase your family, larger apartments may be a better choice. You need to pay attention to the kitchen and dining room size, the number of bedrooms, and the number of bathrooms. If you want to sleep close to your children, make sure that your bedroom is right next to theirs. In addition, consider whether the kitchen and dining room are large enough for a family with children? Do you have enough space to invite the extended family as guests? How do you see your life in the area that surrounds you? Is there enough space for storing children’s toys or sports equipment? Spaciousness and the design of the apartment where everyone can have their oasis of peace, are certainly additional things to consider when buying so that your home can meet the future needs and lifestyle of your family.

A safe environment for the childhood they deserve

Child safety at every step is undoubtedly something you need to pay special attention to. As a resident of the Belgrade Waterfront neighborhood, you will be able to enjoy your parenting without worries, while professional security within the residential complex takes care of the safety of your youngest. Each part of the neighborhood is additionally secured with fences, both on the balconies within the residential building and along the entire length of the Sava Promenade. Excited and playful children will be able to express their nature through different activities and entertainment, sports, and enjoy the spacious parks and trails, while you relax with the multitude of content that fills this Belgrade neighborhood.

Proximity to recreational facilities

Belgrade Waterfront offers a large selection of educational, cultural, entertainment, shopping, and leisure activities, all in one place that can become your future home. Your children will enjoy nature and greenery at all times. The ideal environment for a healthy and active life for your children is another important factor when buying an apartment. As children are always in need of space for everyday activities, the plan of the building complex is designed so that there is a significant children’s infrastructure. It includes communal courtyards and the Sava Park with 140 trees, landscaped lawns, and numerous sports and recreational facilities. In addition, the nearby Sava Promenade is the perfect setting for cycling, rollerblading, or a simple walk or run that you will enjoy as a family.

Final preparations for the purchase of an apartment

If you take enough time to wisely plan your investment and pay attention to the details that will benefit your family, you can find the perfect home and watch your children grow up happily and peacefully in the years to come.In addition to the top quality of housing units, living in Belgrade Waterfront offers the proximity of all amenities necessary for modern life, and you can purchase a square metre of living space for as little as EUR 2,950, including VAT. All those who plan to buy an apartment will be pleased to learn that there are housing loans made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront. Thanks to it, you can get a bank loan for a new home at an early stage of building construction, at a monthly installment starting from EUR 499.

Make your family proud of the life you have given them!

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