Experience Kula Belgrade in the most beautiful way from the “selfie” bridge

Experience Kula Belgrade in the most beautiful way from the “selfie” bridge

Attention! A new tourist attraction is in town: Kula Belgrade, the tallest building in the country and the region, now has its faithful “partner” – the “selfie” bridge.

Have you ever experienced the sensation of “floating” over a river? What if we told you that now you can find out what it feels like? It is sufficient to walk down to the Sava Promenada and stand on the newly opened bridge, which has no support in the river and serves as a new pedestrian platform at the base of Kula Belgrade. For the best experience, close your eyes, take a deep breath of fresh air, and feel the wind gently touching your face or ruffling your hair. The impression is that you are undergoing relaxation therapy. And it is completely free.

BW selfie mostić

Without support in the river

If you are curious about how this was possible, the truth is that the construction itself was quite an engineering feat. The platform spans up to 116 meters without any support in the river. The path on the bridge is covered with natural stone, and transparent glass panels have been placed on the floor for even closer contact of walkers with the river, allowing them to see the water under their feet. The pedestrian path is comprised of seven suspended steel elements with variable width, ranging from four meters in the middle to 12 meters at the promenade.

Upon opening, it quickly became an essential part of social gatherings in the heart of the capital. If you’ve been inundated with photos on social media showing the blue sky and the Sava River blending in the background during the day, the Kula Belgrade in its full glory, the new symbol of the capital, and the magical sunset in the evening, we’ve now uncovered the secret of the place where these were taken.

Teya Dora’s “selfie” with Kula Belgrade

Well, maybe we didn’t disclose that secret to you, because this year’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, Teya Dora, is “responsible” for the mentioned trend. Before presenting Serbia in Sweden in the best possible way, Teodora used the little time she had to “recharge her batteries” before the trip by walking on the newly opened pedestrian bridge. Her “selfie” with the Kula Belgrade went viral, making it clear that the capital’s new attraction had arrived.

After enjoying the fresh air and capturing stunning photos, it’s the perfect weather to admire the view from a new perspective. In just 25 seconds, you will soon be able to take the elevator to the 41st floor of Kula Belgrade, where you will find an observation deck that will be open to the public in close future. From this vantage point, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the entire city’s skyline. If you look through the binoculars, you will have a closer encounter with some of the most beautiful sights of the capital, such as the Temple of Saint Sava or the Avala Tower. You will also have the unique opportunity to read all available information and interesting facts about these attractions on specially designed screens that will be placed on all four sides of the world.

“See you on the bridge”

After your adventure, you can relax at one of the restaurants or cafes with the gardens on the banks of the Sava River. These gardens are adorned with colorful flowers. Treat yourself to the most delicious specialties. If you’re a fan of shopping, don’t miss the chance to visit Galerija, the largest shopping center in the region.

Therefore, the next time you are unsure about where to meet friends, family, or your partner, remember that bridges connect people and say – See you on the bridge!

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