We have witnessed that time has become the most expensive resource, and saving it is one of the daily priorities, especially in an urban environment. That’s why it has become imperative for apartment buyers to shop for a new home as well as an entire lifestyle. This will allow them to have all the amenities practically at their fingertips.

As well as being the first mixed-use development in Serbia, Belgrade Waterfront is also the only residential complex in Serbia that offers buyers the unique, and sometimes priceless, feeling of living right next to one of Belgrade’s two major rivers, while offering the conveniences of a metropolis lifestyle. The modern buyer no longer buys only the “four walls”, but also the complete experience that housing brings with it.

This is where we come to the price, perhaps the decisive factor when deciding to buy an apartment, the amount of which can often sway and discourage even the most persistent. Belgrade Waterfront has good news – apartments within this complex are not, as is often mistakenly stated, the most expensive on the market. Namely, according to the criterion of the average price per square meter within residential complexes in Serbia, Belgrade Waterfront, official data of the Republic Geodetic Institute (RGZ), shows that it is only in third place with an average price of 3,830 euros. In other words, you can get an apartment next to the Sava at a competitive market price, almost 400 euros less than the first one on the list.

Sava Park bird view

What exactly does this mean? Yes, for the price of a square meter in a new building in other parts of Belgrade, in the most modern urban area, you get not only an apartment but also an extraordinary lifestyle near the river – long walks along Sava Promenada, BW Apollo, the most modern sports center in this area, with a swimming pool, gym, spa center and specialized facilities for the youngest, Sava Park with richly equipped sports fields, grassy jogging paths and other furniture for all-day outdoor enjoyment, a state elementary school and kindergarten, a children’s theater, numerous cafes, and restaurants… Galerija, the largest shopping center in the region, established not only as an exclusive outlet for numerous world brands but also a place with a rich and varied gastronomic offer and entertainment facilities, is only a few minute’s walk away.

Marriott International chose Belgrade Waterfront for its first European-branded St. Regis apartments as evidence that it is a prestigious destination. With its unreal 360-degree view of both the confluence of the Sava and Danube, as well as the entire city, Kula Belgrade is the iconic symbol of Belgrade and the tallest building in Serbia and the region. At its foot is Kula Plaza, a new multi-functional public space, which will abound with rich cultural and artistic content. Finally, every apartment building has a reception, maintenance, and security service, a landscaped inner courtyard, and a dedicated parking lot, which makes life in a big city much easier.

Geozavod building at night
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