Why is an apartment in a new building a good investment?

Why is an apartment in a new building a good investment?

You have decided that your next investment will be an apartment, but you are still hesitant whether it will be an old or a new building? This decision could be crucial in terms of investment value and further cash flow. Demand for apartments in new construction is growing despite the crisis, and some benefits explain why this trend is not declining and why buying apartments in a new building is a wise investment.


Buying an apartment in a new building means that everything is fresh in it and that, as the owner, you do not need to renovate or make an additional investment. The apartment you imagined and chose becomes yours, and you do not need to reinvest in its adaptation and rough work to make it adequate for use. You must learn to see the essential things in the early stages of building construction and ask questions. This way, you will better understand what everything will look like before moving in and the end of the works and contribute to your investment’s final look. Newly built apartments are characterized by quality materials and energy efficiency, which significantly reduces costs. Parking space is an important detail to pay attention to, so choosing a building that offers this convenience is essential. The cleverly used squares in the new building are adapted to economical and active life, so there will be no need to partition the premises and additional works. New installations for electricity and water and construction that meet the latest construction standards guarantee that the buyer will not incur additional costs. Check the construction company in charge of building and follow the complete process after you decide to buy!


Made exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront, early-stage loans make it easier to get to the property you dreamed of your whole life. These loans provide a wider choice of available apartments, given that a large number of buildings within the complex are in various stages of construction. The possibilities for choosing the ideal apartment are numerous! Also, these special loans make the Belgrade Waterfront project extremely competitive compared to other locations in Belgrade. Until now, four buildings with more than 870 apartments have opened their doors to their residents, while three more buildings will welcome their tenants in 2021. When it comes to housing loan, the best thing is that you could obtain it while the building is in the early stage of construction, at a monthly installment of as little as EUR 499. That is a significant relief because, according to the standard procedure, loans are approved only when the building is completed 60% to 80%. A square meter of residential space in Belgrade Waterfront is available for a price that starts at EUR 2950, including VAT. After only a few trips to the bank, you will have secured money to buy an apartment. The crucial investment issue will be resolved faster than you thought!


Make sure that you are familiar with every phase of constructing and moving so you can know precisely what to expect from your new property. Buying an apartment that no one has used before brings a unique feeling of satisfaction and independence and several benefits such as saving time and money that you would spend on additional work when buying an apartment of older construction. Renovation is not always easy and could cost more in the long run. The cost of new construction at the time of purchase is slightly higher than the old construction, but the costs of renovation can exceed the price of new construction in the long run.

If you decide to buy an apartment, be sure that you have chosen the best for yourself and your loved ones so that you get what you imagined for your money – without additional investments. By buying an apartment in a new building, you also get the opportunity to design and arrange every detail from scratch, so think about what you want to be satisfied with within the long run. 

Indeed, in the next couple of years after the purchase, you will avoid repairs and renovations that would surely be indispensable when buying an apartment of older construction.


Thanks to new technologies and the latest solutions related to security, apartments in new buildings rank high when it comes to safe housing. State-of-the-art video surveillance systems, alarms, locks, and smart technology set these apartments apart and make them more desirable on the real estate market, which is another advantage over the old building system! Not only have outdated intercoms and insufficiently secure locks been replaced by advanced devices, but there is also physical security present in the luxury residential buildings in the Belgrade Waterfront neighborhood.

Maintaining the hygiene of the living space, which has been done more and more often lately, and servicing everything necessary in the household, solve your pain. There is no shortage of time for a comfortable life, and all potential problems related to housing have been solved in advance.


With all the already mentioned advantages, new construction is more profitable as an investment than old construction. Due to the quality of the construction materials, good location, and connection with the city cores, the real estate in the new building in Belgrade Waterfront has a far greater financial value.If the apartment is well-positioned and offers the concept of comfortable housing, its value only strengthens over time. Whether you are planning a housing investment for rent or private use, be sure to choose by always looking one step ahead. Look for the ideal property and invest the money in the future that you deserve!

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