Woodrow Wilson Boulevard: Everything you need in one place, in the heart of the city

Woodrow Wilson Boulevard: Everything you need in one place, in the heart of the city

Building the most modern quarter in Serbia and transforming the righ bank of the Sava into a gem of the Serbian capital, Belgrade Waterfront didn’t forget to preserve the memory of old Belgrade and pay respect to numerous historical figures who, with their immortal deeds,embedded themselves in the foundations of our country, freedom and culture.

Main street in Belgrade Waterfront is thus named after the 28th president of the United States of America, who was also remembered in history as a great friend of Serbia. Thanks to its central position, Woodrow Wilson Boulevard has become the „lifeblood“ of this neighborhood. Who was this statesman and why is he so important to our history?

Belgrade Waterfront and its streets

Thomas Woodrow Wilson was the president of the USA from 1913 to 1921, and after the end of the First World War he played a major role in creating a new international order. As one of the most prominent figures of the Paris Peace Conference, Wilson supported the creation of the SHS Kingdom, and thanks to his friendship with Mihajlo Pupin, he showed undisguised sympathy for the Serbian people.

This could best be seen during the commemoration of the 4th anniversary of the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war on Serbia, on July 28, 1918, when Wilson proclaimed „Serbian Day“ in the USA, and when the Serbian flag flew proudly along the US’ flag on top of the White House as a sign of rememberance to the heroic sacrifice our country in the Great War.

Panorama Beograd ana vodi

Woodrow Wilson Boulevard begins at the roundabout near Karadjordjeva Street, and ends at Vojvoda Misic Boulevard. It is 40 metres wide, has three lanes in each direction, as well as a 3-metre wide two-way bicycle path, while in the middle of this almost 2-kilometre-long street, in a dividing island 5 metres wide, there is a row of trees with maple, hornbeam seedlings and other types of trees. Each tree is illuminated with energy-efficient LED lighting, so an evening walk or drive along the Boulevard is a real pleasure in every sense.

Belgrade Waterfront neighbourhood

The plants in the planters along the Boulevard, as well as in the rest of Belgrade Waterfront, are changed four times a year, so regardless of when you visit the most modern neighborhood in Serbia, it is always refreshed with new colors. Wide sidewalks are paved with granite slabs with green areas and benches for rest.

In addition to connecting two green oases by the Sava – St. Nicholas Park, which will soon get a new appearance, and Sava Park, which stretches along the Boulevard – it is also the address of Galerija, the largest shopping, entertainment and gastronomic destination in the region, and in the close future, it will also lead to the new market in the immediate vicinity of Gazela.

Almost daily, new shops are opened along the entire street, giving a new dimension to living in this quarter. There are already so many of them, that in Boulevard you can find all your daily necessities for fulfilling and dynamic life. Banks, bakeries, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, pastry shops, beauty salons, home appliances’ stores, kindergartens, and even a smart police station – you can find all that in the heart of Belgrade Waterfront.

Smasher and co-burgers

While walking along its always clean and well-maintained sidewalks, you can stop by Baget&Co or La Casa de Caffe for a fresh morning croissant and coffee, while for lunch you can try unique exotic specialties from Africa at Ughanda Connect restaurant, which has already won the hearts of many gourmets, or choose the popular combination of delicious buns and top quality meat at Smasher&Co. Of course, after good food, you should sweeten things up, and you can do it in the realm of cakes and tarts at the Slatko srce patisserie.

If, on the other hand, you have recently moved into your new apartment and want to equip it with the best ceramics, lighting, kitchen elements or home appliances, the good news is that near the building you will come across numerous renowned brands for furnishing the household, such as Eurodom Tile&Style, Ceramix, Artemide, Schlarafia, Miele or Tehnomanija Bosch Concept Store.

Belgrade Waterfront street view

Besides, you can enroll your child in a modern bilingual Futurino kindergarten and thus provide him with a safe environment for growth and development. While the kid in the preschool learns how to plant plants and grow into a enviromentally responsible person, you can take care of yourself by visiting one of the beauty salons. KiwiSun, Royal SB Academy, Nail Lab and Jeranui Eyelash Factory&Beauty Center are just some of the places where you can treat yourself to moments of happiness and relaxation.

Visit Woodrow Wilson Boulevard and find everything you need for life in one place.

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