Zorana Burlić: Belgrade Waterfront is much more than real estate

Zorana Burlić: Belgrade Waterfront is much more than real estate

Every second buyer of a newly built building in Belgrade opts for an apartment at Belgrade Waterfront, data from the cadastre show. The demand for real estate in Serbia is constantly growing. The comprehensive quarter on the banks of the Sava is still the leader in our market – 32 buildings have been put up for sale so far. A significant jubilee was recently celebrated – the 5000th apartment was sold. Zorana Burlić, the director of the Belgrade Waterfront company, talks about how the real estate market in Serbia has changed, what is the secret of the success of Belgrade Waterfront and what awaits us in the future of this project.

In what way has the market changed, and what is the role of Belgrade Waterfront in that change?

Real estate sales in Serbia, after a record 2020, increased by as much as 28% during 2021. This tells us that the demand for square footage of residential space has exploded.

However, a significant change has occurred among potential buyers. They are no longer looking only for real estate, but for an entire environment that will suit their lifestyle needs and habits. With the emergence of such trends, Belgrade Waterfront stood out not only as the first planned mixed-use development in Serbia but also for the quality of residential buildings, the conveniences it provides to residents, its proximity and connection to Belgrade’s key points, as well as the prices that are affordable for everyone looking for a new home. Basically, you get not only four walls but also a lifestyle not available anywhere else in Serbia and the region. The large number of apartments at Belgrade Waterfront is intended for a wide category of buyers, with prices starting from 3,200 euros per square meter, plus VAT.

Designed as a city in a box, it offers residents all the key contents within just a few minutes walk – plenty of greenery near the buildings, parks, Sava Promenada, Galerija – the largest shopping mall in the region, but also the new symbol of the city – Kula Belgrade. We are particularly pleased with three ongoing projects that, I’m sure, will mean a lot to families – the construction of a public elementary school, a kindergarten, and a children’s theater.

The experience of buying an apartment at Belgrade Waterfront begins well before handing over the keys. Our sales and customer relations advisors guide future residents through the entire process step by step, providing them with a wealth of information related to the purchase, the construction phase of the building they are interested in, or what life will be like in their new environment. With the welcome gift that awaits customers in their new homes, we symbolically mark the beginning of a new chapter where everything is subordinated to their needs. Superior standards of resident care are imperative.

This concept of life is a great environment for everyday life, but also for investing, as evidenced by the fact that from October last year until today, we sold almost four apartments per day. Such dynamics on the market allowed us to sell the jubilee 5.000th apartment much earlier than we originally planned.

What distinguishes Belgrade Waterfront’s offer apart from other projects?

Belgrade Waterfront provides an improved concept of living, based on the philosophy that everything is at residents’ fingertips and they can complete their daily tasks on foot. This is a unique location by the river, which offers exclusive content to make it easier and richer for residents. All buildings at Belgrade Waterfront are constructed to the highest standards. Each of them has a reception desk with staff who will book you tickets for city events, call a taxi, schedule a doctor’s appointment, and wait for your little one after returning from school… The inner courtyard is located next to each building and offers residents moments of peace and relaxation. Maintenance services ensure that everything in and around the building functions flawlessly. The buildings we recently launched – BW PerlaBW Riviera, and BW Nika – are excellent examples of exclusive content such as gyms and swimming pools within the buildings or the future BW Apollo sports center next to the building itself. For those who seek the most from life, Belgrade Waterfront introduced the concept of branded apartments to the Serbian market with the arrival of The Residences at The St. Regis Belgrade.

How did this prestigious brand, with a tradition longer than a hundred years, choose the Belgrade Waterfront as one of its first addresses in Europe?

The unique status of Belgrade as one of the first European addresses where St. Regis Hotel and luxury branded St. Regis apartments will be located speaks volumes about the attractiveness of the city and Belgrade Waterfront as a regional destination, which we are very proud of. The St. Regis Belgrade will open its doors in 2023, offering guests impeccable service. It was built with the local and global luxury market in mind, following the heritage of St. Regis and drawing inspiration from Belgrade. The prerequisites for luxury are the perfect location, view, selectivity, and vision aimed at creating an exceptional destination, shared by Belgrade Waterfront and St. Regis. Therefore, the location in the center of Belgrade Waterfront, in a lively city like Belgrade, is the ideal place for this prestigious brand. The restaurant, St. Regis bar, and Astor ballroom will become the main meeting places, whose gastronomic offers and events will be enjoyed not only by hotel guests but also by other visitors and residents of Belgrade.

The project we are particularly proud of is the former icon of Belgrade, the “Bristol” hotel. An extensive restoration of the famous building by Nikola Nestorovic is underway. This involves the most respected Serbian experts in the field of architecture, as well as artists with extremely rare expertise. This will ensure that the hotel’s facade retains its original appearance, but also welcomes future generations. We are working hard to restore the old glory to the pearls of Belgrade architecture, but also to ensure that this part of Belgrade gets the much-needed public spaces, which provide the citizens of Belgrade with great places for recreation and rest.

Belgrade Waterfront has been called the new city center for a long time. Why?

With the descent of Belgrade to the river, the epicenter of the city’s main events moved here, primarily thanks to our vision to approach the idea of ​​capital city life innovatively. Sava Promenada has become the city’s favorite promenade due to the variety of events that are available to residents and visitors. Aside from that, we bring exclusive events and big stars. One of the new favorite places is Galerija, the largest shopping mall in the region, known for the largest selection of domestic and international brands, exclusive restaurants, and entertainment. As part of our project, the first two metro lines will intersect, so, along with the newly built roads, all parts of the city will be even easier to access. The footbridge that is currently being built between Galerija and the Kula Belgrade will lead visitors to the observation deck and restaurant at the top of the tallest building in the country, and next to the Kula Plaza, a new meeting place will be another exceptional tourist attraction.



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