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    Chinese Lantern Festival

    The Traditional light magic, the Chinese Lantern Festival, illuminates Sava Promenada in front of Galerija this year as well. The manifestation was opened with a large fireworks over the river. The new games of light were designed by a group of artists from Sichuan Province, bringing the spirit of tradition and symbolism of ancient China. In addition to glowing lanterns in the shape of dragons, cranes, flowers or fish, one of visitors’ favorites are interactive walkers and the imposing “butterfly wings” in Galerija.

    “Bring your kids, take a walk with your friends and enjoy in a safe way in the fairytale and creative world of lanterns”, said the founder of the festival, artist Slobodan Trkulja.

    Lanterns are lit every day at 5 pm, the festival lasts until February 13th and the entrance is free.