The sparrows returned to Belgrade and settled in the Sava Park

The sparrows returned to Belgrade and settled in the Sava Park

The three-part sculpture „Bring the sparrows back to Belgrade“ was recently installed in the Sava Park, inspired by the bird that is the unofficial symbol of Belgrade. In this way, the authors Andrija Matic and Nikola Knezevic are trying to draw attention to the fact that the chirping of these little birds is less and less heard in our parks and on the streets.

Sparrows in Belgrade Waterfront

„Sparrows have always been a symbol of our city and a sign of recognition of Belgrade, but unfortunatelly, we enjoy their chirping less and less. Therefore, we wanted to create sculptures to raise awareness of the importance of preserving these precious birds, and by placing them in the new green oasis of the city, we wanted to ’call’ them to return to us and once again brighten up our everyday life with their cheerfulness“, the artists point out.

A new sculpture in one of the most beautiful parks in the city is just another proof that the right riverbank of the Sava is becoming a large open-air art gallery. Local artists are given a unique platform to present their works in Belgrade Waterfront, at the same time enriching the public space and contributing to the cultural diversity of the Serbian capital.

Street lights Belgrade Waterfront

The second part of the Sava Park is beautified by the installation „Street lights“. Its central part consists of a group of 27 light spheres, arranged to form a heart shape. In this way, the author Ivana Jelic wants to pay tribute to the rich architectural heritage of old Belgrade.

Street lights BW

„The inspiration was the recognizable vintage form of Belgrade street lamps from the end of the 19th century, transformed with a contemporary twist. Bright colors breathe new life into their vintage charm, blending past and present. In the context of the contemporary urban environment, the street lamp is displayed as an exhibit and is an ode to the fleeting beauty of the past and the permanent heritage of Belgrade architecture“, emphasizes the artist.

By exhibiting sculptures, installations and other forms of artistic expression in the public realm, local creators get the chance to present and assert themselves, thus bringing contemporary art closer to a wider circle of people. In this way, Belgrade, as a city of art, takes on the cosmopolitan spirit of big metropolises.

Heart sculpture Belgrade Waterfront

One of the most impressive works was presented by the artist Jelena Stepanov, whose sculpture „The heart of Belgrade“ has been enchanting visitors of Galerija for some time and is a favorite corner for taking photos. This sculpture is not only a work of art, but carries a deep symbolism of love for the city.

„The heart has the same meaning in all cultures around the world, it is the most popular and beloved universal symbol. I wanted to symbolically show that the heart of Belgrade is big, shiny and red, with a link to the traditional Slavic Licidar heart, which is given as a sign of sincere love. Just as the heart is at the centre of every being, the central life force of all of us, I would like the Heart of Belgrade to become a gathering place for all its residents and visitors. It makes me happy to see that it is already becoming that“, says artist Jelena Stepanov.

Butterflies Belgrade Waterfront

addition to the Heart of Belgrade, there are also hanging art installations under the vaults of Galerija, such as Waves, Linden and Butterflies, which create a magical atmosphere for all visitors and remind of the beauty of the Sava and its riverbanks. The sculpture Flowers of Ramonda, by author Mladen Djurovic, will soon be installed in the biggest shopping mall in the region, as an important and symbolic reminder of our glorious historical moments from the First World War.

The Lynx sculpture Belgrade Waterfront

The attention of visitors on Sava Promenada, favorite Belgrade esplanade, is attracted by two more outdoor sculptures. The Lynx and Silhouettes are symbolically placed under the Gazela bridge, as a connecting and meeting place.

This is a good opportunity for citizens to encounter artworks in places where they wouldn’t normally expect them. Belgrade Waterfront will continue to give tailwind to local creators, to the joy of all citizens and art lovers, who can enjoy the original and contemporary interpretation of the rich history of the city at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers.

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