Sretenje 2024: Statehood Day celebrated in Belgrade Waterfront

Sretenje 2024: Statehood Day celebrated in Belgrade Waterfront

The Statehood Day was celebrated by a series of different events in Belgrade Waterfront in the most solemn and spectacular way. On its way from Kalemegdan to Kula Belgrade, a flock of drones formed the shapes of various national symbols with carefully synchronised movements, so the Serbian flag, the national coat of arms, a map of Serbia and the message „Long Live Serbia“ floated in the sky above the Sava.

At the moment when the drones reached Kula Belgrade, where a special holiday animation in the national spirit was broadcast, an unforgettable fireworks display followed, which was fired from the new symbol of the Serbian capital, as well as from the Gazela, the Branko Bridge and along the entire New Belgrade’s Sava riverbank.

Just a day before, the exhibition „Cyrillic – 30 pedestals for 30 letters“ was opened on Sava Promenada. The citizens will be able to visit it until March 14th. The Prime Minister Ana Brnabic attended the opening, accompanied by ministers.

For the purpose of this exhibition, which stretches along the Sava Promenade, the constitutional Serbo-Slavic script „Monah“ was used, created by engineer Zoran Kostic, in cooperation with Dimitrije Stefanovic, Djordje Trifonovic and Viktor Savic from the Old Slavic Department of the Institute for the Serbian Language at SANU.

In paralel with the exhibition, a magnificent animation in the glory and honor of the Cyrillic alphabet was shown at Kula Belgrade. Right before Sretenje, the cyrillic letters shone on the highest building in Serbia and region, written in a ceremonial font, created by the reworking of the „Hilandar Constitution“, as well as the images of St. Sava, Dositej Obradovic and Vuk Karadzic, with their well-known quotes regarding the language and education.

Along with cyrillic letters projected on the pavement, a performance with puppets of Desanka Maksimovic, Dositej Obradovic and Vuk Karadzic was also held on the favorite Belgrade promenade, showing all the beauty of the Serbian language and the Cyrillic alphabet.

The Statehood Day is celebrated in the memory of Sretenje in 1804, when the First Serbian Uprising took place in Orasac, under the leadership of Karadjordje, but also of the same date in 1835, when the National Assembly in Kragujevac adopted the first constitution in Serbian history.

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