Celebrating love at Kula Belgrade

Celebrating love at Kula Belgrade

To love and be loved – is there a more beautiful and noble feeling? Love should not be hidden and that is why we invite you to take part in a unique celebration of love at Kula Belgrade in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. On the media facade of the tallest building in the capital and the region, perhaps a love message that you sent to a loved one shines through.

Be gentle, creative, authentic and daring! We invite you to leave a short love message, no longer than ten words, that you dedicated to your loved one in the comments on our official Instagram page by February 6. Thirty of the most beautiful and original love messages will be broadcast on February 14 in celebration of love at imposing Kula Belgrade. Dare to propose to your chosen one and crown your love in the most beautiful way possible. We will reward such courage with a special surprise.

Texting on Valentine’s Day has a long tradition. The Duke of Orleans from France sent a Valentine’s Day message to his sweetheart back in 1415. Over time, this holiday spread all over the world, and the curiosity is that for Valentine’s Day in 2010, about a billion love messages were sent.

Give your loved one unforgettable memories that they will cherish for a lifetime by making the festival of love special for them.

Event date

14. February 2023. - 14. February 2023.


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