New Year’s exhibition “Perspective 22”

New Year’s exhibition “Perspective 22”

The big collective New Year’s exhibition Perspective 22 will be opened in the KvArt BW exhibition space, on the second floor of Galerija on Friday, December 23, at 7 PM.

The exhibition will present works of various styles and media by twelve young and authentic artists: Aleksandra Ilić, Vladan Sibinović, Aleksandar Kempa Stanojević, Stefan Stevanović Pepi, Sanja Madžarević, Jovana Krneta, Lazar Rodić, Bogdana Perić, Vladimir Miljković, Aleksandar Radičević, Miljan Stevanović i Luka Jendrišek, who had the opportunity to present their works also at independent exhibitions in 2022.

The audience will have the opportunity to see notable works from independent exhibitions, but also completely new works by individual authors that will be exhibited for the first time, all united by uniform exhibition tendencies and trends that Galerija ŠTAB actively presents through its work.

The Perspective 22 exhibition is organized by Galerija ŠTAB and the art initiative KvArt BW. The exhibition will be open until Sunday, January 8, 2023, and the working hours of the KvArt BW gallery are every day from 11 AM to 7 PM. Entrance to the exhibition is free.

Event date

23. December 2022. 11:00:00 - 8. January 2023. 19:00:00


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