New kindergarten is opening in Belgrade Waterfront – Futurino 2

New kindergarten is opening in Belgrade Waterfront – Futurino 2

Four years after the opening of the first one, a second kindergarten, Futurino 2, is opening in Belgrade Waterfront. One of the most modern preschool institutions in our country will be opened on the podium between BW Arcadia and BW Aurora buildings (between Hercegovacka 21 and Woodrow Wilson Boulevard 6) on Tuesday, September 5, at 6 PM. The kindergarten is open to children from all over the city.

During the opening, a children show with animators, a theatre performance, as well as the ecology workshop will be organized for parents and their children. At the end of the programme, the visitors will have a chance to tour the facility and learn more information about the functioning of the new children’s institution.

In addition to being equipped with the top quality modern furniture, adapted to the children’s needs, and enriched with various Montessori didactic materials, Futurino 2 is also distinguished by the fact that educational activities will take place in it bilingually, with the aim that the little ones master English language from the youngest age.

Following modern trends of increased concern for the environment, the kindergarten is completelly oriented towards ecology, so the children will use ecologically responsible materials and toys. Futurino 2 will also have a unique biology classroom, where the youngest ones will learn to plant plants, to study them through the microscope and how to be responsible towards nature.

In the hinterland of the Sava Square, behind the building of the future Historic Museum of Serbia, a state-of-the-art public kindergarten will be built, with which Belgrade Waterfront strives to enrich its offer for parents and provide their children with the best possible conditions for a happy upbringing.

Event date

5. September 2023. 18:00:00 - 5. September 2023. 00:00:00


Аркадија - Београд на води, BW Arcadia, Херцеговачка, Београд, Србија.

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