Weekend Bazzar festival on the Sava Promenade

Weekend Bazzar festival on the Sava Promenade

Weekend Bazzar, the first market festival of original domestic brands, will be held over the weekend of June 25 and 26 at one of the most beautiful festival locations on the Sava Promenada.

During the last weekend of June on the plateau behind Gezozavod, Weekend Bazzar Festival will bring together small local brands, creators of unique products of various kinds, but also musicians, artists and animators.

Along with a large number of exhibitors of local brands, this family-friendly festival has prepared a Food & Picnic area for all lovers of picnics in nature and delicious snacks on blankets with sunbathing and river views. In addition to a variety of tastes, visitors will be able to enjoy music from famous bands and city DJs. To make the visit to this event unforgettable for the youngest, cultural and entertainment activities for children were prepared throughout the day. As part of the festival, children will have an unforgettable time jumping in the inflatable playroom, children’s shows, and foot billiards.

This weekend, the Sava Promenada will be turned into an ideal place for meeting lovers and creators of handmade homemade products. The entrance to the event is free, and the working hours of the festival are on Saturday and Sunday from 17:00 to 23:00.

Event date

25. June 2022. 17:00:00 - 26. June 2022. 23:00:00


Sava Promenada, Belgrade, Serbia.

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