Belgrade Waterfront pays dividends

Belgrade Waterfront pays dividends

The previous year was the most successful for Belgrade Waterfront from the beginning of the project. During 2021, Belgrade Waterfront generated total revenues of 185 million EUR, and net profit for the same period amounted 29.5 million EUR. The company will pay dividends worth 10 million EUR. One third of this amount will be paid into the state budget, since the Republic of Serbia participates in the ownership of the company with 32%.

„During 2021, we completed the construction of three more residential buildings, so the total number of moved in apartments reached 1,500 in seven completed buildings. The fact that we sold jubilee 4000th apartment last week speaks a volume about the great interest for living in Belgrade Waterfront. The company’s business plans are primarily developmental, so we will continue to invest most of the profits in construction, and thanks to the positive business results, part will be paid into the budget of the Republic of Serbia“, said Zorana Burlic, General Manager of Belgrade Waterfront. She adds that Belgrade Waterfront has initiated numerous infrastructure projects in the city and that the engagement of construction and related industries in the project contributes to GDP growth.

In parallel with the construction of residential buildings, there are ongoing works on the infrastructure in Belgrade Waterfront. So far, six kilometres of new roads have been built, the Sava Square has been reconstructed, Sava Park, covering an area of four football fields, has been opened, and Galerija, the biggest shopping mall in the region, has already become unavoidable destination for shopping, gastronomy and entertainment. Works on the exterior of Kula Belgrade, the highest building in the region and a new symbol of the capital, are nearing completion, and works are also underway inside the impressive building that will house a renowned St. Regis hotel and branded residences.

Financial reports of Belgrade Waterfront show a positive difference of over 40 million EUR since the beginning of the project. Nearly 2,200 workers are currently engaged in the construction.

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