5 kilometres of lights in the Winter Fairy Tale consume as little electricity as one heater

The festive atmosphere, positive energy and euphoric mood are felt everywhere, foreign guests are slowly arriving and everything is in anticipation of the craziest night, which will be marked by spectacular fireworks from Kula Belgrade, the tallest building in the country and the region, as well as a concert by popular local performers on the plateau next to the Old Sava Brdige. One of the most beautiful festive events in the city is underway in Sava Park – the Winter Fairy Tale with plenty of programmes, good food, even better music and magic for all ages and tastes. In addition, Galerija, the biggest shopping mall in the region, opened the doors of the New Year’s Village, a holiday magic for the youngest visitors.

Even during the holidays, Belgrade Waterfront, as a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company, takes care of energy savings and applies innovative methods in all aspects of business.

Ecological lighting is installed in Sava Park for the needs of the Winter Fairy Tale. Premium ECO LED technology, which is used to create light magic, achieves the lowest energy consumption in the world, so the five 5 kilometres of lights that decorate this installation consume as little as 2.5 KwH in total, which is the consumption equals to one heater! This achieves electricity savings of more than 75% compared to the standard lighting. Therefore, taking into account the consumption of electricity, the lights in the Sava Park are switched on at 4 PM, and turned off at 11 PM.

Special for many ways, Galerija also stands out for its special roof made of a transparent ETFE membrane, so, unlike other shopping malls, the lighting in its streets is turned off during sunny and clear days, which results in significant electricity savings. LED lighting in Galerija is reduced from 30 to 20% in the night mode, certain escalators are automatically activated only when someone wants to use them, and the temperature in corridors is reduced by 1°C to achieve additional electricity savings.

The media facade of Kula Belgrade, the new landmark of the capital, on which unique projections are broadcast on the occasion of significant dates and events, consists of energy-efficient and extremelly long-lasting LED bulbs.

Relying on the most innovative techological solutions and taking specific measures aimed at optimal energy consumption, Belgrade Waterfront company provides visitors and guests from abroad with an unforgettable holiday fun and allows them to enjoy the holiday magic this winter as well. So, step into our Winter Fairy Tale and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of Belgrade Waterfront, which brings the nicest colors, tastes and smells of the holidays.

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