Sava Promenade offers lively waterfront experience

Sava Promenade offers lively waterfront experience

The first part of the renovation for the Sava Promenade was completed on September 27th marked with the official opening, followed by numerous art and cultural events along the Promenade for the whole community to enjoy. The events provided a sneak peak of what’s to come, upon completion of Belgrade Waterfront; and provided a taste of what life on the Promenade will be like.

All residents and visitors of Belgrade were invited to attend the events that took place from the middle of September, through to the middle of October. Sava Promenade hosted an array of family friendly activations, ranging from the fashion show, acrobatic performances and art exhibitions to various children’s activities – face painting, children’s quire performance, and a balloon performance. People of all ages and demographics could find something to suit them.

One of the aims of the Sava Promenade and Belgrade Waterfront is to further develop tourism activities, such as bicycle tours. Upon the project’s completion, we will have the longest bicycle trails in Belgrade. Belgrade Waterfront hopes this will encourage people to more frequently use this kind of transportation. This will provide an instant reconnection with nature and a perfect way to explore the city. Within the new concept for Belgrade – the food trucks which are already visible on the Sava Promenade, an additional touristic offer will also be provided, creating a lively waterfront experience for all visitors.

Our goal is to make the waterfront more accessible for citizens and tourists. With this in mind, we plan to make all access points more beautiful and renovate the streets leading to the Sava Promenade. The first was Hercegovacka Street in which we made sidewalks for pedestrians and added new lighting and more greenery. The renovations will provide better access to the Sava Promenade and Belgrade Waterfront development, enabling tourists and residents to enjoy all it has to offer.

Upon completion of Belgrade Waterfront, the Sava Promenade will boast many family-friendly attractions including a floating water platform, children’s play area and an amphitheater below the Old Sava Bridge. Another factor which will influence tourism and business in Belgrade will be development of a river transportation system, which we are currently working on. Visitors will be able to access the development via boat, which will be a unique aspect of the project and hopefully bring new visitors to this part of the river bank.


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