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    “Svetlovidi” in BW Experience gallery - photo 01

    “Svetlovidi” in BW Experience gallery

    Joškin Šiljan, one of the most famous and most active authors on local art scene, continues his cooperation with Belgrade Waterfront through the initiative KvART. After the exhibition “Untoldable stories”, this time Šiljan presents himself to the audience in the BW Experience gallery at Sava Promenada with paintings, works on the paper and objects created from 2000 until today.

    Selected works, most of which have not been exhibited so far, show us the strength and vision that move Šiljan out of the imposed framework of naïve and marginal art, positioning him side by side with the great men of the world underground and contemporary art scene.

    The exhibition “Svetlovidi” will be open until September 20th, and the working hours of BW Experience gallery are every day from 6 pm to 10 pm.

    “Svetlovidi” in BW Experience gallery - photo 01