3 advantages of living in an open concept apartment

3 advantages of living in an open concept apartment

The modern age brings numerous modern solutions for arranging the living space that make your family home a harmonious environment where freedom, togetherness, and happiness reign. Precisely in order to fulfill all these lifestyle ideals in one place, the trend of open-plan apartments appeared in architecture, which became one of the basic characteristics of new construction.

This unique concept of interior design, based on the connection of the living room, dining room and kitchen into one harmonious whole, without any physical barriers such as walls, is present in all buildings, i.e. all apartments in Belgrade Waterfront, the most modern neighborhood in Serbia, on general satisfaction of its residents. There are three main advantages of living in an apartment with this type of interior:


The absence of partition walls between the living room, dining room and kitchen makes your apartment unique and extremely spacious and maximizes the feeling of undisturbed enjoyment of the full range of warmth of a family home. Thanks to staying in one wide unit, where you step from the living room into the kitchen and from there into the dining room, without going around walls or opening and closing doors, movement inside the apartment is much easier.

On the other hand, the multifunctionality of the interior gives you the freedom to design it according to your needs and possibilities without any subsequent work. If you want to add additional kitchen elements, expand the dining room, or get a new sofa and armchair for the living room, you no longer need to hire craftsmen, tear down walls and clean up the mess afterward – just move things as you like and your apartment can become what you want it to become in no time.


Life in a big city brings with it a lot of hustle and bustle and a constant race against time. Due to such a pace, it very often happens that you do not get to socialize with your family as much as you would like, and that is why it is very important that the family home remains your point of connection with your loved ones. Instead of everyone staying only in their own room, in their own “four walls”, an open-plan apartment allows you to be together, at least for a while, and thus strengthen mutual harmony. Now you can cook together, do your homework, watch TV, surf the Internet, and talk without shouting from room to room. The open plan is especially suitable for parents with young children, as it is now much easier for you to supervise them, even if you are preparing lunch in the kitchen.

This concept allows you to have a much closer relationship with your guests. Now you no longer have to physically separate yourself from them in order to prepare an evening snack or refreshing cocktails in the kitchen, but you can do it in the same room. While you work hard in the kitchen to show them your hospitality, they sit on the couch a few meters away and you can freely communicate and agree on which movie to watch or which board game to play.


Large windows, which is characteristic of all apartments in Belgrade Waterfront, allow an abundance of daylight to enter your family nest, which makes it constantly refreshed and more pleasant to live in. It also means that you don’t have to turn on a light bulb in the room for almost the entire day, which results in significant savings in electricity.

Interior of an apartment in the BW Magnolia building located in Belgrade Waterfront

Since there are no walls in the open plan and the central room is one unit, you will have the feeling of a seamless connection between the interior and exterior space, on which you will have an unobstructed view at all times from almost any point in the living room. And if you take into account that every building in Belgrade Waterfront has its own common yard, which is full of greenery, then it is clear that the view could not be more beautiful and pleasant.

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